Inuit Tribe: World is Getting Warmer

Animal species native to warmer climes now appearing, arctic species dwindling, say tribes.

Published: 16-Nov-2000

WASHINGTON (AP) - While governments and scientists still debate climate change, Inuit tribal members on Banks Island in the far northern Canadian Arctic are already convinced the world is getting warmer.

The evidence is in the land and ice that surrounds them, they say: The permafrost is thawing, there are fewer seals and polar bears to hunt because of thinning sea-ice, and warmer weather has brought more mosquitos that stay longer. In the fall, it's freezing up later and later every year.

``We can't read the weather like we used to,'' said Rosemarie Kuptana, an activist among the 130 Inuit people who live in Sachs Harbor, the only community on the island that covers 28,000 square miles in northwestern Canada.



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