More Utilities Embracing Distributed Generation Technologies

New Chartwell study indicates growing market but still uncertain future.

Published: 16-Nov-2000

ATLANTA, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Distributed generation technologies, such as fuel cells and microturbines, are increasingly being investigated and implemented by utility companies looking to meet demand, better serve customers, increase reliability for large power users, and save money, a new industry report by Chartwell Inc. shows.

Chartwell found more than 100 energy companies already have relationships with distributed generation (DG) vendors and manufacturers, with many of these companies installing or testing DG technologies at customer sites or their affiliates acting as distribution agents for DG companies.

These findings, including information on implementation and trends and an exclusive listing of 120-plus DG installations, are now available in The Chartwell Guide to Distributed Generation, Chartwell's just-released research report which provides a complete overview, more than 30 in-depth case studies, an exclusive listing of distributed generation installations, and profiles of all the major players in both fuel cell and microturbines. The 350-page guide covers topics vital to anyone interested in this emerging technology.

Many utility companies viewed DG as a threat but are now looking toward the emerging technologies as an opportunity. "Distributed generation will play a future role in the nation's energy picture," says Chartwell Editorial Director Dennis Smith. "It still remains to be seen at what point it will have an impact on the central power station, but it's clear many forward- thinking energy providers are determining what part DG will play in their future business strategy."

The Chartwell Guide to Distributed Generation also includes information on the primary reasons energy companies are installing DG; what impediments are there to DG commercialization; how utilities, regulators and consumers are looking to DG to meet environmental goals; and other factors that are driving the market. This all-new research report is divided into four sections:

    *  an industry overview that includes seven in-depth chapters covering         trends and featuring interviews with various industry experts and         analysts; a thorough and detailed listing of installations;        *  case studies told from utilities' and users' points of view with         practical advice on planning and incorporating distributed generation;         and        *  40-plus profiles of manufacturers and distributors in fuel cells,         microturbines and other DG technologies.  

The Chartwell Guide to Distributed Generation can be purchased for only $1295 plus shipping. For more information, please visit or call 800.432.5879 or 404.237.9099.

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