The Nine Lives of ECD

MarketWatch commentator Herb Greenberg sees Energy Conversion Devices selling investors a stale tale.

Published: 26-Jan-2006

It's the companies like Parkervision, Advanced Magnetics and now Energy Conversion Devices -- companies whose stocks go through cycles of popularity as trends, promoters and a new cycle of investors enter the market.

Energy Conversion Devices, whose technology is based largely on the creations of its 82-year-old president, Stanford Ovshinsky, is like a cat when it comes to the number of lives it has. The current euphoria surrounding the company is that it's an alternative energy conglomerate that is poised to profit from everything from solar and a new kind of computer memory to batteries for hybrid cars.

More recently, the company's stock got a kick from an announcement that it has a licensing deal with Samsung for its memory.



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