IdaTech Demonstrates Methanol Fuel Cell System Presentation at World Methanol Conference

Boise-based company on track to commercialize fuel cell units starting in 2002.

Published: 15-Nov-2000

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- IdaTech, a subsidiary of IDACORP (NYSE: IDA), announced today the successful completion of a series of demonstrations of a small-scale fuel cell system at the World Methanol Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"The demonstration shows that stationary fuel cells are emerging as efficient and environmentally friendly systems suitable for decentralized power generation. For us as energy companies, this technology opens up great potential for bringing clean natural gas in the form of methanol to the market," said Sjur Haugen, Manager of Strategy and Business Development in Statoil, Methanol Division.

"We have been working with Idatech for a couple of years and have been impressed with the progress of their technology. IdaTech's fuel cell systems represent tangible evidence of methanol fuel cell applications moving closer to commercialization," said Ron Britton, Senior VP Emerging Energy Applications of Methanex Corporation (Nasdaq: MEOH).

A team of IdaTech engineers led by David J. Edlund, IdaTech's vice president of technology, demonstrated the efficient, low emissions capability of a 3-kilowatt system with onboard conversion of methanol to hydrogen for the generation of about 3 kilowatts of electric power. The live demonstration was conducted last week in the Radisson Scandinavian SAS Hotel in Copenhagen with the support of Statoil and Methanex, two of the world's leading methanol producers.

"We demonstrated functioning technology," said Edlund. In a featured presentation, he told the approximately 400 conference participants that IdaTech is on track to commercialize the first of its 1-kilowatt, 3-kilowatt, and larger fuel cells for UPS, emergency power, and portable and stationary applications in late 2002, and residential applications in 2003.

IdaTech's products include a patented fuel processor that converts conventional fuels, such as methanol, natural gas and propane, into greater than 99.9% pure hydrogen, which the fuel cell itself then transforms into electricity.

IdaTech is majority owned by IDACORP Technologies, the clean-energy subsidiary of Boise-based IDACORP. For more information, please visit or


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