Cities Joining Forces to Encourage Development of Plug-in Hybrids

Austin, Texas, to announce soft orders for 600 electric plug-in hybrids, but will carmakers build?

Published: 24-Jan-2006

Austin, Texas, will lead a nationwide partnership that will lobby carmakers to build a new green vehicle -- plug-in hybrids, has learned. In return, cities in the coalition are prepared to commit to buying the cars -- Austin alone 600 of them.

The vehicles take gasoline-electric hybrids to another level, allowing drivers to plug them in for a few hours to charge the batteries and then drive solely on electric power for up to 60 miles.

Around a dozen cities and dozens of public utilities are set to announce the partnership Tuesday in Washington, D.C.


Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

Remarks to the president after May 3, 2006 Cabinet meeting.

Excerpted remarks by G.W. Bush from Pennsylvania Congressional Victory Committee Dinner


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