Broad Coalition Supports Renewable Energy Bills in Missouri

Support for renewable energy in Missouri is enjoying bi-partisan, statewide support from 30 co-sponsors and 20 statewide organizations representing rural communities and cities, including faith groups and labor unions.

Published: 18-Jan-2006

erson City – Today Senator Chuck Graham, D-19 and Representative Jenee' Lowe D-44, join a broad based Coalition of Environmental, Conservation and Health Organizations as well as Labor Unions and Faith Groups to support Renewable Energy Standards Legislation, RES.

“We are united in a common goal to protect the environment while keeping and creating jobs, and a more secure energy future,” explained Representative Jenee' Lowe. The introduction of the companion bills, SB 843 and HB 1384 will establish minimum requirements for all retail sellers of electricity to supply a certain amount of their power from renewable energy sources. The percentage requirement would grow from 1% in 2008 to 10% in 2020.


The forecast consumption of coal, nuclear and renewables have been increased from earlier predictions, while petroleum and natural gas consumption are lower.

The United States accounts for 2,544 MW of total installed capacity and 1,914 MW of operation, and the difference is due to a lack of steam due to over-exploitation of the Geysers field in California.

February 28,2006 address to National Governor's Ethanol Coalition.


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