Corpus Christi City Council Votes to Purchase Plug-in Hybrids

Vote calls for city manager to purchase flexible-fuel, plug-in hybrid vehicles after presentation by former Austin Energy executive.

Published: 18-Jan-2006

The Corpus Christi City Council voted unanimously for city manager Skip Noe to purchase flexible-fuel, plug-in hybrid vehicles on Tuesday morning.

Juan Garza, former city manager and current general manager of Austin Energy, gave a presentation to city council. Austin Energy is owned by the city of Austin and provides energy for that area. Garza said that compared to $2.50 per gallon in gas it would cost to drive a vehicle, hybrid vehicles could cover the same distance on 75 cents of electricity.

The city council will continue to meet this afternoon.


Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

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