Relocalization Comes to Boulder

Relocalization supports local farming and increased production of food in community gardens or greenhouses as a response to rising energy costs and peak oil.

Published: 14-Jan-2006

Michael Brownlee, a member of a local group called Boulder Valley Relocalization (BVR), has two main goals for this weekend.

First, he wants locals to learn what relocalization is and why it could be a vital part of Boulder's future.

The BVR Resource Expo, to be held Saturday, Jan. 14 at CU's UMC in the Glenn Miller Ballroom, will explain how local production of food and energy can reduce the impacts of possible future energy shortages. BVR will also show movies around Boulder on Friday.


AIADA's energy symposium yields constructive dialogue on future of mobility. Photo of 2005 Chevy Montana Sport Flex-Fuel pickup.

Matthew Simmons introduces Harvard University audience to the reality of peak oil. Photo Credit:Maggie Mastricola/Harvard News Office

'AT BREAK OF DAY all dreams, they say, are true.' So wrote the great English poet John Dryden (1631 - 1700) in his work entitled The Spanish Friar. The implication, of course, is that as the day wears on the press of reality prevents some dreams from being fulfilled. This is an article about airplanes, but it also concerns the dreams that animateprogress.


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