Survey Sees U.S. Consumers Opting for Fuel Economy Over Utility

KPMG survey finds 87 percent of auto executives ranking hybrid cars as the top category, while seeing sales of larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles will decline over the next five years.

Published: 05-Jan-2006

Automotive executives believe strongly that consumers will be opting for fuel-efficient low-cost cars and hybrids over the next five years, over purchases of SUVs and luxury cars, according to the results of an annual global survey of automotive leaders by KPMG, the US-based audit, tax and advisory firm.

The KPMG survey, based on interviews with 140 senior executives at vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers around the world, found that auto execs believe that quality and fuel efficiency will be the top-two criteria consumers will use in deciding which car to buy over the next five years.

"Automotive leaders are cognisant of the lasting impact of rising [petrol] prices on the minds of consumers," said KPMG automotive practice audit partner Betsy Meter. "The focus right now is on producing fuel-efficient vehicles that will meet consumer demand."



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