Wealthy Marin County's Cooling Love Affair with SUVs

In a capitalist state such as ours, bigger is better, but what effect is this capitalist theory having on our little-considered environment?

Published: 04-Jan-2006

In a place as wealthy as Marin it is no secret that we tend to compromise our liberal tendencies for luxuries that are less-than healthy. Indeed, one could easily count more SUVs on our roads than cars. However, as gasoline prices underwent a steady increase during the summer months, there was a decrease in the number of SUVs being bought. The prices of gasoline limited guzzler sales and perhaps saved us from ourselves. The grateful environmentalists let out a sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, we'd taken a major step in saving our atmosphere merely by making better, more informed choices. Would this change be the first in a series of national enlightenment?

Alas, wistful thinking of the optimistic hippy. The factor that encouraged this change of heart is none other than the gas price board. The general reason for most families was because the price of gas was simply too much. Not even a Suburban to truck around soccer kids could make up for the $80 a pop it costs to fill the tank.

However, with the sudden almost exponential decline in gas prices, one must ponder the offspringing results of this decrease.



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