Operation Noah Urges More Climate Change Action By British Gov't

Rev Dr David Pickering believes western nations to accept the lion's share of cuts, including in our homes and churches.

Published: 29-Dec-2005

ation Noah, the UK churches' climate change campaign, has welcomed the agreement reached at the recent climate summit in Montreal to discuss long-term global climate strategy beyond 2012, and has further challenged the British Government to declare the hand it will play.

The talks were called to open discussion on a long-term strategy to safeguard climatic stability. Currently the Kyoto protocol only limits the greenhouse gas emissions of 36 rich countries by about five per cent. These commitments expire in 2012.

The summit agreed to launch formal, though non-binding, talks on targets to be set from 2012, as well as a further round of targets for nations already in the Kyoto protocol.

The Rev Dr David Pickering, moderator of Operation Noah, said: "At Montreal the world reached a long-awaited global coming of age. Time is running out to 'cut the carbon' and turn the conference's hopes into reality. We in the West have to accept the lion's share of cuts, including in our homes and churches."

Other NGOs, environmental campaigns and church development agencies have criticised the Montreal deal, but are renewing their commitment to push for further change.



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