California's New Energy Program Would Make It Pay to Go Solar

Plan would offer millions to those who want to save by tapping the sun

Published: 28-Dec-2005

PALM SPRINGS - A multi-billion-dollar state energy program could help the Coachella Valley maximize one of its best assets - the sun.

The overall initiative would pump $3.2 billion into solar energy development in the state during the next 11 years and put panels on 1 million rooftops.

One resort has already taken advantage of the state's current $421 million program and could save about $100,000 annually.


Solar charging panels are built into the wheels.

Ferry operator Hornblower Cruises and Events won the contract for the Alcatraz Island tour with its bid to incorporate wind and solar power into a diesel ferry that also has electric motors.

Down under, they're all over alternative energy - starting with a 1,600-foot tall 'solar tower' that can power a small city.


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