French Nuclear Tauted As GHG Fighter But Not in Transportation

Nuclear power not seen as cutting increasing reliance on fossil fuels in transportation sector.

Published: 15-Nov-2000

PARIS, Nov 15 (Reuters) - France's power liberalization law is unlikely to introduce much competition, the International Energy Agency said in a report on French energy policy published on Wednesday.

The Paris-based IEA said the law that restricted power trading allowed state generating giant Electricite de France (EdF), Europe's largest power company, to keep its market advantages. It also undermined the market for renewables in France's sunny Caribbean territories by heavily subsidizing power prices there.

"Concern regarding the future of the nuclear programme, together with the concern for public service, (has) contributed to a rather hesitant welcome to competition in the electricity and gas markets in France, and to a market design for the new power market that is unlikely to lead to much competition," the report said.



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