Cheney Discusses Alternative Fuel

Republican VP Candidate gets briefed on fuel cell technology and calls it "tremendous development."

Published: 25-Oct-2000

ANE, Wash. (AP) - Talking up alternative energy sources is classic Al Gore, but Dick Cheney took up the cause Tuesday in Washington state, where environmental concerns could be an election key.

Cheney, George W. Bush's running mate, was briefed on fuel cells that produce electricity from natural gas or propane by officials from Avista Laboratories Inc., a Spokane company that hopes to someday power homes and business with the cells.

Cheney pronounced the technology, which company officials say doesn't harm the environment, ``a tremendous development ... for our entire nation.''

``It offers the opportunity for the very clean, nonpolluting use of our hydrocarbon resources to generate electricity and it's a tremendous technology that I'm sure has a very bright future indeed,'' Cheney told several hundred supporters at a downtown Spokane hotel after the briefing.



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