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PHOTO CAPTION: JAC IEV4 is prced the equivalent of $12,053USD.

Electric Car Competition Mounts Among China's Automakers

BYD isn't the only Chinese carmaker out to take advantage of government incentives promoting electric cars, the nation's other auto manufacturers are quickly rolling out their own models, some priced as low as $12,000USD.

Published: 23-Jul-2014

Competition has been intensifying among carmakers seeking to capitalize on Chinese government policies aimed at promoting eco-friendly cars.

Chinese state-owned automobile maker JAC Motors' new electric cars went on sale in Beijing on July 15. At a ceremony in the Chinese capital the same day, JAC chairperson An Jin handed out keys to nearly 100 new buyers.

Two days before this BAIC Motor Corporation chairperson Hsu Heyi had presented keys to 200 buyers of the company's new electric cars.


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