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PHOTO CAPTION: Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car.

Mercedes 'Zero Emission' Engine Reportedly Ready for Prime Time

Tesla's Elon Musk doesn't think hydrogen is suitable for powering automobiles, but Mercedes-Benz is ready to start selling its fuel cell cars to the public as early as 2017.

Published: 19-Apr-2014

STUTTGART, Germany — At the Mercedes-Benz headquarters here, a showroom display illustrates the rapid evolution of the iconic luxury brand’s hydrogen-fueled cars.

In a 1992 prototype, the fuel cell takes up the entire cargo area of a delivery van. Across the room, today's model — now merely the size of an average television set — is displayed in front of a neon-lit outline of a compact passenger car.

This “zero emission” engine, it appears, is ready for prime time.


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