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PHOTO CAPTION: Haibike Xduro RX wins 'Best E-Bike' award at 2014 Interbike.

Electric Bike Market Gaining Traction Globally

The market for electric bikes is expected to grow in the coming years, as more people embrace the two-wheeler's advanced technologies and multiple benefits.

Published: 19-Sep-2014

Rhonda Weber Martin got a wakeup call in 2012. Given her 457-pound weight, her doctor said that she might not make it to her next checkup.

She decided to make big changes to her lifestyle, beginning with exercising. Martin and her husband purchased electric bikes, which come in several forms but have electric motors and require less pedaling than a regular bike.

Eventually Martin was biking 30 miles a day to and from work. She challenged herself even further with marathons and triathlons.


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Mybroadband in South Africa highlights seven production and prototype electric bicycles that push the boundaries of what's legal.

A2B electric bicycle similar to that used by #Decongest.Sandton campaign in the wealthy Johannesburg neighborhood.

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