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PHOTO CAPTION: Actress Diane Kruger refuels Mercedes-Benz F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell sedan at station in So. California.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Here Today, Not 10 Years From Now

While the general American public thinks hydrogen fuel cell cars are at least a decade away, two automakers currently lease small numbers of them, while two more will be introducing them within months, not years.

Published: 24-Jul-2014

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – To the 48% of consumers who think that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are at least a decade away, the auto industry is saying, “Welcome to the year 2024!”

In May, Hyundai Motor Co. began leasing a fuel-cell version of its Tucson sport-utility vehicle in California — the first mass- produced fuel cell vehicle to be sold in the United States. Other automakers plan to introduce their vehicles beginning next year.

To support the sale — or leasing — of these new vehicles, the California Energy Commission also announced in May that that it is investing $46.6 million to help develop the hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the state. This latest investment will add 28 stations to the nine in operation and 17 under development in the state, according to USA Today.


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Redox Chief Technology Officer Bryan Blackburn with Redox 'The Cube'

Redox Power Systems' Cube reportedly gets 10 times the power at half the temperature out of solid oxide fuel cells.

Toyota Fine-N concept car's fuel cell system originally ran $1 million.

Instead of the original $1 million that prototype hydrogen fuel cell systems cost, Toyota reports its next generation system will be equivalent to $51,000US.

Illustration of Honda FCEV Concept.

As Honda, GM, Toyota and Hyundai announce plans to rollout hydrogen fuel cell cars, the real problem is the infrastructure to fuel them.


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