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PHOTO CAPTION: Vanmoof electric bicycle.

Reviewing the Vanmoof E-bike

Simon Rockman gets the loan of a Vanmoof electric bicycle finds that while the £2,000 machine is expensive the decision to buy one comes down to a lifestyle choice, one that he says he could get used to.

Published: 27-Oct-2014

Review The Vanmoof electric bike is the future of cycling; OK, maybe not of all cycling, but certainly of my cycling.

Vanmoof is a utilitarian city bike designed for getting Dutch people from home to work and back again. I use a Ridgeback mountain bike to cycle into Vulture central and it’s not a particularly appropriate bike, so the contrast with my weekend loan of the Vanmoof electric is marked.

You switch it on with a remote control and there's a 42v, 2.0A charging brick with a laptop style adapter that takes about three hours to charge. Surprisingly, there's no protection over the plug socket.


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