World Environment Day to Feature Largest Collection of Fuel Cell Vehicles

"California Tomorrow Festival" will feature 23 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including cars from major auto manufacturers and city transit buses.

Published: 28-May-2005

San Francisco, Calif., -- On June 1 and 2, the California Fuel Cell Partnership will present the world’s largest gathering of fuel cell vehicles at World Environment Day held in San Francisco’s Civic Center/City Hall plaza. In addition to the two days of technology displays, representatives from CaFCP’s member organizations will be available for interviews and provide up-close-and-personal looks at the technologies from 1:00-3:00 pm on June 1, and from 9:00-11:30 am on June 2.

CaFCP’s “Hydrogen” zone at the “California Tomorrow Festival” will feature 23 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including cars from major auto manufacturers and city transit buses. In addition, CaFCP members will show several ways to produce and deliver hydrogen, and the important role the government plays in advancing fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

“Fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuel hold the promise of providing high-performance, fuel-efficient, zero-emission, sustainable transportation,” said Catherine Dunwoody, executive director of the CaFCP. “World Environment Day is a great opportunity to showcase the solid foundation our members have built through their collaborative technical and outreach programs.”

World Environment Day comes on the heels of California’s launch of the Hydrogen Highway Network, which establishes a strategy to expand the hydrogen fueling infrastructure in California.

"California, through efforts like the Hydrogen Highway Network initiative, continues to lead the world in developing an infrastructure for hydrogen technologies,” said Al Weverstad, CaFCP chairman and executive director at GM’s Public Policy Center. “Placing adequate numbers of hydrogen refueling stations in the right locations is a key element of our plan to demonstrate and eventually sell large numbers of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles in California.”

World Environment Day, hosted by the United Nations, brings together mayors from around the world to discuss international environmental issues.

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