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PHOTO CAPTION: Mitsubishi XR-PHEV said to share styling similarities with Range Rover Evoque.

Mitsubishi's XR-PHEV Concept Just Might Get You to Go Electric

The electric hybrid SUV picks up where the Outlander PHEV leaves off with an estimated EV-mode range of up to 52 miles and fuel economy in hybrid mode of 65 mpg.

Published: 26-Nov-2014

We still love the Evo, and Mitsubishi has made some quality cars over the years, but the brand just doesn’t sell well in the United States. Naturally, that’s something the company is looking to change, and last week it showed us how it expects to do it: The XR-PHEV is a muscled-out crossover packed with modern tech and an unexpectedly peppy engine setup. It’s just a concept car, but Mitsubishi says it “hints at the future design direction” for the brand.
This Range Rover Evoque look-a-like is a plug-in electric hybrid with all the traits of a cool concept: a funky steering wheel, bright red paint, no side mirrors, the use of futuristic technology (in this case, augmented reality), and impossibly narrow windows. We don’t expect to see anything like it go to production, but by bringing this template to the City of Angels, Mitsubishi says it’s confirming its dedication to bringing new cars to the the US market. They’ve been in the EV game for a while, so we have high hopes.

We’ve seen plenty of concept crossovers in recent years, but this one feels especially Japanese-futuristic. The exterior looks like someone cut it into strips and glued it back together in a hurry. The thin headlights are menacing, the swept-back contours make it look aerodynamic and efficient. Then there’s the highlighted red driver’s seat with a race car-style steering wheel, lest you confuse it for a kid-hauler.

For the camping (or survivalist) inclined, the car’s interior outlets will be able to pump out 1,500 watts of power. That’s enough, Mitsubishi says, to power household appliances for a full day. With a full tank of gas and the engine set to generator mode, you can bank on up to 10 days of appliance-ready power. Everyday-useful? Not really, but it’s a cool feature we’d like to see on the forthcoming vehicles.


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