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PHOTO CAPTION: Audi Q7 e-tron SUV crossover could be competition for Tesla Model X

Audi: Tesla Customers Will Buy Our Electric Hybrids Instead

Tesla customers are telling Audi that if the e-tron drive were available in the Q7, they would buy it instead of the Model X.

Published: 30-Jul-2014

Audi is confident its decision not to sell pure electric cars is the right one, citing meagre customer demand as a reason for developing plug-in hybrid technology instead.

“We have tested the technology, but we have always been clear that, from a customer’s point-of-view, plug-in hybrid technology is best,” CEO Rupert Stadler told What Car? in response to suggestions that Tesla and BMW were ahead of the competition.

Stadler says that once Audi brings its larger plug-in hybrid models to market it will be his company that is, in fact, ahead of the game.


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