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PHOTO CAPTION: Dillion C's melding of the FCX Clarity and AC-X concept car.

Is This What Honda's Next Generation Fuel Cell Car Will Look Like?

Dillion C, aka Hondatalover morphs characteristics of the current Hona FCX Clarity and the concept model debuted at the 2013 LA Auto Show into an elegant design

Published: 29-Jul-2014

Honda, on the heels of Toyota and Hyundai, will launch a hydrogen fuel cell next year. Unlike the others, however, the new car’s final design is still under wraps.

The design of clean energy cars is often argued. Some believe that an innovative powertrain should be reflected by avant-garde design, like the Nissan LEAF or BMW i8. Others think a traditionally attractive aesthetic is important if you don’t want to scare of potential customers, which is an attitude Tesla has adopted for the Model S.

Hyundai’s Tucson Fuel Cell is simply a converted version of the regular, gasoline-powered model. It’s hardly exciting, but it’s a safe bet. Toyota has gone a little further, developing a new design language that, although still largely conventional, tells us that the car is different from other vehicles.


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