Build It or Bag It? You decide

By Bill Moore

Posted: 13 Jan 2010

Clearly, the Wall Street Journal appeals to a certain class of reader, usually older, conservative, probably fairly well off; so it shouldn't come as a surprise that when the Journal asks its readers which of a half dozen or so concept cars on display at the 2010 North American International Auto Show should be built or bagged, the results would be fairly predictable.

Two of the cars the Journal is featuring in its online vote-off are the Audi e-Tron (right), first premiered at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2009, and the newly unveiled Toyota FT-CH hybrid concept car (left). Readers can choose to "Built It" or to "Bag It." So far as of Wednesday morning, Omaha time, fewer than 500 votes have been cast for each vehicle in the line up.

Here's how the two vehicles have faired so far: Audi e-Tron
All electric car with characteristic Audi styling and likely price tag.

Build it: 75.1%
Bag it: 24.9%

Toyota FT-CH Hybrid Concept
Possible second member of future 'Prius Family' of Toyota hybrids; concept is styled and said to be priced to attract more youthful customer base than your typical Audi clientele, or Wall Street Journal subscriber.

Build it: 42.4%
Bag it: 57.6%

Curiously, the Hyunda Blue-Will scores are split pretty evenly at 48.7% in favor of building it and 51.3% wanting to return it to the ocean with its fellow Cetaceans.

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