Electric Vehicles At Work: Fulda, Germany

By Bill Moore

Posted: 21 Dec 2009

This is the ultimate in food convenience. A small personal shopping service located in Fulda, Germany started using a Reva-i electric car for its delivery service. Called "Der Bringer' (the bringer), the service offers personal shopping and food delivery including pizza, as in the photo above, Subway sandwiches -- yes, they have those too in Germany -- and even sushi. They'll do you grocery shopping for you and even pick and deliver gifts on your behalf. The service costs €30 for 10 shopping trips.

Der Bringer currently has the lithium-ion-powered Reva on loan and extolls its green virtues on its web site. It also notes that it costs just €1.80 to charge the car, which has a driving range of 80-100 km. The company believes it is the first such service in Germany to utilize an electric car for its deliveries.

If you have similar examples of EVs at work, let us know here at EV World. We love to publicize examples of EV-trepreneurship.

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