Holiday Best Wishes for 2013

By Bill Moore

Posted: 20 Dec 2012

Dear EV World Reader and Supporter,

As 2012 comes to an end, Judy and I wanted to again express our appreciation for your support of EV World. It has now been fifteen years since I launched the website on New Years Day in 1998. During that time, we've witnessed an amazing transformation in the world of electric vehicles. Back then, you could pretty much count the number of available electric-drive car models on one hand. The same could be said for trucks and buses; and electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles hardly existed at all.

Fast forward now to the Winter of 2012. I just spent a day redesigning our Electric Car Progress website and was amazed at the sheer number of plug-in cars now listed, and I haven't even included any of the hybrids. I divided them up into several chronological groupings. Compare the numbers just for 2012 versus the 2000-2004 timeframe. It's absolutely amazing and I've likely missed a few.

Despite a wave of uninformed and unfounded criticism over the last year, electric car sales have shown remarkable vitality, though we all want to see even better numbers in 2013.

The one EV market that has shown the most remarkable growth over the past decade and a half has been the two-wheeled variety: e-bikes, e-mopeds, e-scooter and electric motorcycles, especially the first two and particularly in China where some 130 million electric-assist bikes and mopeds provide daily transportation. And sales for 2012 are expected to be close to 30 million. That's a phenomenal growth rate. They also are starting to catch on in Europe where more than million were in service in 2011, mainly across Northern Europe; and we just learned that there now are one million e-bikes on the bikeways of Holland. In fact, something like one-in-three bicycles now sold in the Netherlands is electric-assist. Our ePEDALER business start-up is designed to help accelerate their introduction here in North America.

One of our key goals in 2013 is to launch our first pedal-assisted electric bicycle or pedelec-based Corporate Commuter Wellness program, and so far we're off to a good start beginning with the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Human Exercise Physiology Lab, which has agreed to help verify several previous studies on the health benefits of e-bikes. We have also initiated conversations with the University's information technology program about helping develop the data capture component of the program, as well as other IT aspects of the business from retail sales to inventory management.

Overall, 2012 has been an eventful year in our EV World and we're looking forward to even more exciting developments as the world continues to look for ways to provide safe, affordable, and above all, sustainable mobility for all. We're pleased that EV -- and hopefully soon, ePEDALER -- are able to play a small part in that transformation.

Judy and I wish you and yours all the best during this Holiday season and in the coming New Year.

Bill & Judy Moore
Papillion, Nebraska
Winter 2012

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