Endorsing Bipartisanship

By Bill Moore

Posted: 02 Nov 2012

If you live in or around Nebraska, you may be seeing third-party placed advertisements here on EV World supporting the candidacy of Republican Deb Fischer for the U. S. Senate seat in Nebraska. Her opponent is former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey, who returned to politics after a decade as the President of The New School in New York.

As the publisher of EV World, I feel it incumbent on me to make it clear that we in no way endorse the candidacy of Ms. Fischer, whose campaign has been underwritten by local billionaires and their superpacs.

This is one of those rare situations where I happen to have interacted with both candidates in the past. I twice appeared and testified before the Unicameral committee overseeing the bill that would permit the use of Low Speed Electric Vehicles in Nebraska, a bill that eventually passed in 2011 and took effect this year. Ms. Fischer chaired that committee.

In Bob Kerry's case, I've had the opportunity to meet him when he was the U.S. Senator for Nebraska from 1989 to 2001, serving during the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. More recently, I had the chance to meet him at a couple campaign events and do a video interview with him. I have also contributed monetarily as a private citizen to Mr. Kerrey's campaign this year.

While Ms. Fischer, a rancher from western Nebraska, has demonstrated a competency in her role as committee chairman at the state level, it is my belief that Senator Kerrey represents a better choice in 2012 based on his demonstrated ability to work in a bipartisan manner at the national level. I see nothing in Ms. Fischer's record that would suggest she would demonstrate a similar capacity, acknowledging during the campaign that she knew of no Democratic senators that she could work with once she arrived on Capitol Hill. While there is no guarantee, given the current gridlock in the Congress, that Senator Kerry would be successful in reaching across the aisle, at least he is committed to trying. More importantly, he has pledged to work to reform the Senate, changing the rules that foster inaction and recrimination.

Further, Ms. Fischer brings no experience in the way of national or international affairs. Her campaign promises sound scripted by the Tea Party and are vacant of any realistic, pragmatic solutions. It is my personal view she is a "wind-up" candidate controlled by Republican power brokers. Senator Kerrey is famously independent and outspoken. He won the Congressional Medal of Honor, started and ran successful businesses in Nebraska, served as a successful Governor and Senator, then accepted the Presidency of The New School. Here's what Wikipedia states about his tenure:

Under his leadership, the university launched numerous new academic programs, including several joint degree programs. Enrollment increased by 44% to over 10,200, and online course enrollment doubled. He also oversaw an increase in the size of the faculty. The number of full-time faculty members grew from 156 in 2001 to more than 372 in 2009. He also helped to establish the Faculty Senate, which allowed the school to set university-wide standards for promotion, hiring, and faculty evaluation. Additionally, tenure was instituted for all academic departments.

All things considered, it is my studied opinion, that Bob Kerrey is the better candidate who will serve the interests of the nation better than Ms. Fischer. Last night I dropped off my early ballot at the Sarpy County Election Commission office and you get one guess whose name I colored in with my #2 lead pencil.

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