Fox News 'Flip Flops' on Chevy Volt

By Bill Moore

Posted: 26 Mar 2012

OMG! Or should I say, WTF?

For months now, Fox News and its ilk have been bashing the Chevrolet Volt, exaggerating defects, lying about its pedigree. Now, all of a sudden, it can help "win the war on terror"?

That's the gist of the conversation today on Fox News' Fox & Friends between program cast member Steve Doocy and Lee Spieckerman, the CEO of Spieckerman Media (see video below). Spieckerman sees the Volt as a weapon in the nation's fight against "terror," essentially by reducing the demand for imported oil from OPEC, and he has a graphic to prove it.

Doocy admits at the end of the segment that knowing he was going to interview Spieckerman, he actually went out to over the weekend and test drove the Volt; and he came away impressed by it.

While it is encouraging to see Fox take a less critical stance against the car, I have to ask why? Especially given the reaming it got from Fox & Friends Eric Bolling? My suspicion is that Spieckerman got on Fox New's case, probably arguing that their position with respect to the car was not constructive to the conservative cause, especially the Republican Party's presumed support for energy independence and the fight against terrorism. By using the Volt as a political cudgel to club the Obama Administration, Fox and its allies were doing more harm than good, at least that's the sense of what I got from watching the segment below.

Whatever brought about this amazing 'flip flop' -- maybe GM quietly threatening to pull their advertising? -- it's certainly a remarkable "change of heart" for the GOP's 24-hour news network. As we've argued for years now, electric cars shouldn't be either a political left or a right issue. We all want greater economic security, which spending a $1 billion a day in oil imports doesn't secure. Cleaner air is the added benefit, as is greater utilization of American energy resources, including natural gas and growing percentages of renewables; and that translates into more jobs for would-be voters.

Hopefully, GM will see an up tick in Volt sales as a result. The industry could use some good news right about now. Now, let's see what Bill O'Reilly has to say about the car? Rush Limbaugh has his hands full with other troubles at the moment, like losing advertisers by the score.

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