It's a Twizy!

By Bill Moore

Posted: 15 Sep 2009

With typical Franco flair, Renault rolled out a two-passenger urban runabout powered by a 15kW electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack that gives it an estimated range of 100km (60 mi) and a top speed of 75 km/hr (46 mph). Acceleration is reported to be similar to a 125cc motorbike. The driver and passenger sit in tandem similar to Commuter Car's Tango, but the cabin is open and Mother Nature provides its only form of climate control; man-made heat and air conditioning have been left off the vehicle to reduce weight, complexity and power-drain. The Twizy weighs in at 420kg and measures 2.30m in length, and just 1.13m wide.

In its official press release, Renault states, "[the] Twizy ZE Concept is the forerunner of one of the all-electric mobility solutions that Renault will introduce from 2011." The below video features the Twizy ZE in what is presumably urban Paris, where it could be adapted for use the city's proposed electric car share initiative patterned after the Velib bicycle share program.

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