This week we focus on New York's war on e-bikes, BMW's i3 Concept Coupe, a pair of electric car corridors, the planet's vanishing ice caps and strange carbon tax bedfollows, along with our weeky World of Electric Vehicles round-up, plus our first ePEDALER Progress Report.
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IT'S PERSONAL: We > Fossil Fuels

That quasi-formula -- We (greater than) Fossil Fuels -- was the opening slide of Bill McKibben’s ‘Do the Math’ Tour that stopped in Omaha yesterday on its nationwide bus tour that included most of the large East and West Coast cities. So, why’d he and this 350.org tour stop in Omaha? In a phrase: TransCanada XL pipeline and the efforts of BOLDNebraska, a coalition of ranchers led by Randy Thompson, farmers and environmentalists spurred on by Jane Kleeb to stop the routing of the contentious Alberta tar sands pipeline across America’s most precious underground supply of fresh water, the Ogallala Aquifer, which stretches from Nebraska to Texas. Despite little support from their state senators, the governor, or President Obama, they have thus far succeeded in delaying construction of the pipeline.

McKibben, who was the first author to talk about global warming 25 years ago, told the audience of 500 in the Joselyn Art Museum that in addition to civil disobedience, he is encouraging the groups he talks with to go on the offensive and begin urging colleges and university trustees -- as well as mutual and petition fund managers -- to begin divesting any investments they have in fossil fuel producers. Since, he reasons, the oil and coal industry won’t listen to moral arguments, they will respond to financial ones. McKibben says he doesn’t want to put them out of business, just change how they do business, so they stop poisoning the planet.



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