Motor Trend breaks its own 64-year tradition and picks an all-electric car as its 'Car of the Year.' And this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Chrysler debuts its Fiat 500E and GM formally introduces its Spark EV, both electric cars that will see sales restricted to California. We excerpt a chapter from 'Clean Break' and review a BMW study on the future of Urban Mobility.
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IT'S PERSONAL: German's Clean Break

When the land of my birth announced recently that it was going to supply 80% of its electric power from wind, solar and biomass, the rest of the world scoffed. There is no way the industrial powerhouse of Europe and the 4th largest economy worldwide could disconnect its nukes and coal plants; but guess what. They’re doing it.

Osha Gray Davidson’s new 99¢ Kindle ebook recounts how. I downloaded and read its short 6 chapters this week and got fired up, relaunching my GetFITOmaha initiative to introduce Feed-In Tariffs in my community. Following the model set in Germany and copied by Gainesville, Florida’s GRI, also a municipally-owned power company. I encourage you to download it (there’s a link in the article) or to read the serialized version on the web. It’s good stuff.

Regarding project ePEDALER and the brochure I offered for download, as of this writing 5,730 people have done so, and 19 have asked to see either the executive summary and/or the business plan. I find that very encouraging, but as any entrepreneur will tell you, finding the right angel can be a frustratingly long, drawn-out quest, akin to Arthur’s knights seeking the Holy Grail.


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