This week we travel from the lush green lawns at Pebble Beach to the steppes of Mongolia, stopping in Los Angeles to find out why it's so hard to be an EV owner if you live in a condo or apartment. Finally, we share the anxiety and joy of getting a new battery for our plug-in Prius.
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IT'S PERSONAL: Who Is John Galt?

Would you believe that until now, I had no idea who John Galt is? We have a street here in Omaha named after him, one that winds through a local business park near where my wife works. Imagine my surprise when I learned he’s a fictional character in an Ayn Rand novel. In a 64-page long monologue, he extols the virtues of egoistic self-interest. He views altruism as a ‘basic evil,’ and sign of moral weakness, not strength. His creator, a Russian emigre who took her view of life from Friedrich Nietzsche - whose philosophy also inspired Adolf Hitler - would pen several monumental tomes that would come to influence the likes of Alan Greenspan, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan; as well as the radical right-wing Tea Party in America. In a recent Forbes column entitled, “Who Is John Galt?,” Rob Clarfeld writes that Rand’s fictional pure capitalist, “epitomizes all that is glorious of capitalism in its purist form -- innovation, self-reliance, and freedom from government interference.” But he also observes, “that the set of solutions to today’s highly complex and intertwined economic challenges aren’t quite as binary as those of the fictional characters we create.” For all her theorizing on the evils of government, in her latter days, Ms. Rand found herself relying on the very government programs she and her acolytes now villify: Social Security and Medicare.


There is one essential prerequisite to owning an electric car -- any electric car: Volt, Leaf, Roadster -- you need to have a place to plug it in, pretty much on a daily basis, preferably overnight.


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