A BP-funded study out of the Harvard Kennedy School sees plenty of 'liquid' fuels ahead from conventional crude to tight shale oils, but is the age of oil far from over? EV World's publisher drives the Honda Fit EV down memory lane and into his distant past. Nano-technology may resurrect Thomas Edison's prized Nickel-Iron battery, the lithium-ion of the Gilded Age.
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IT'S PERSONAL: Seeing with a New Clarity

Sometime later this summer, Honda will receive its first FCX Clarity fuel cell sedan since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011. One reason, Steve Ellis explained to me last week in Pasadena, is that some of the firms supplying parts for the car were impacted, in addition Honda’s production facility was seriously damaged.

Separately, Steve told me of an NHK News story featuring an unidentified automotive supplier who’s entire factory was destroyed by the Tsunami, their employees dislocated or, worse, many were killed.  In the interview, the business owner stated at that time “he still didn’t know how many of his employees were alive”. This is a part of the story we seldom hear about.

As for the current fleet of some 25 FCX Clarity cars, they’re able to utilize a few more hydrogen refueling stations, which will make it possible now to drive pretty anywhere in and across the California Southland from Palm Springs to Ventura to San Diego on hydrogen, some of it produced from biogas generated from human and food waste at the Orange County Sanitation District.  A tri-gen operation, it also supplies electricity to the facility via stationary fuel cells, while capturing the generated heat for its anaerobic digesters.  He calls it a new model of efficiency and waste utilization.


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