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The Meaning of 'Kudos'
The slang term in English, “kudos,” is derived from the Greek singular noun, ‘kydos,’ which is variously translated ‘glory, praise, renown.’ It is the term that I’ve decided to apply to the efforts to four remarkable people: Xavier Chevrin, Vivien Floris, Anna Mostovetsky and Boris Mordkovec, all of whom recently completed history-making electric journeys that we highlight this week starting on page 10.

In looking at what they have accomplished, I can only admire them for their vision, courage, and tenacity for conceiving these challenges, preparing for them, and then executing them, overcoming unforeseen obstacles and setbacks, using their creativity, initiative, and no small amount of personal persuasion to make it happen and live it through. Most of us live our lives vicariously. These people, and the handful of others like them, live their lives vibrantly, and, hopefully, in the process inspiring us all. -- Bill Moore, Publisher

BMW's i Pedelac
Does a folding pedal-assist electric bicycle (Pedelec) from one of the world’s pre-eminent performance car builders have a chance being commercialized or is BMW simply teasing us?

I have to admit that I wonder about the true intentions of carmakers who are starting to now get into bicycle development. Are they truly serious about selling them or just using them as a green marketing tool?


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