The inaugural EV Expo is now in the history books. Here's a behind the scenes perspective on this first-of-its-kind event in Florida. Let your Tesla Roadster sit for months unplugged and you'll find it's become an expensive paper weight. EV activist Doug Korthof passes and Agenda 21 rises its conspiratorial head.
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  • EV Expo 2012: Beyond the Scenes
  • How NOT to Turn Your Tesla Into a $100K ‘Brick’
  • Doug Korthof's Last Stand
  • The Agenda 21 'Conspiracy'
  • EV Expo 2012: Beyond the Scenes
    I begin this at Gate E20 at Lambert St. Louis Airport on my way home from the inaugural EV Expo, the first electric vehicle conference in which I had a hand in helping organize. For more than a dozen years I simply have been an observer, a reporter of the goings on in the nascent EV revival that has had its moments of exultation and abyss. EVS, EVA, EDTA, EAA: arcane acronyms that might mean something to industry insiders, but mean little to the vast majority of people in America, much less the rest of our crowded little planet.

    A week ago, I was in this very same terminal waiting to board a plane to Tampa, Florida with the hope that the event I had helped work on, most of it building and maintaining the website, would, in fact, actually happen. In my anxious mind, there was a very real possibility that it wouldn’t happen. I am pleased to report that EV Expo 2012 did happen, despite numerous obstacles and set backs that would have stymied the more faint of heart. Credit goes to a small, improvisational staff of volunteer organizers who managed, against all odds to pull off the nearly impossible. Here are my personal observations as a co-organizer who played a small part in suggesting the event’s unique forum structure.

    After flying into Tampa, Florida late Sunday night, we arrived early Monday morning at the A La Carte Pavilion, a nice, if somewhat out-of-the-way events facility west of Tampa International Airport that typically hosts business dinners and wedding receptions, But it was just the right size for launching a first-time expo that would feature, also for the first time, both OEM-manufactured electric vehicles and DIY conversions, assuming the cars actually showed up. On that score, we would be pleasantly surprised.


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