The new year brings more electric car options, but fewer tax breaks; see what's new for 2012. Electric car and charge station manufacturers are missing the opportunity to reach the wider market through effective utilization of social media
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  • New EVs for 2012
  • Getting Social Media Right for EVs
  • Trio of U.S. EV Tax Credits Expire
  • America's Future Plugged In Army
  • Volt Fires You Never Heard About
  • New EVs for 2012
    The inaugural 2012 edition of EV World Insider Illustrated features a 10-page photo spread of the electric-drive cars announced to be entering the market in North America and Europe in 2012. They range from the debut of Ford's Focus Electric and C-Max platforms to Toyota's own trifecta of EVs that include the Prius PHV, Scion IQ EV and RAV4 EV II. The world's most expensive EV, the Audio e-Tron is slated to bow this year, as is the little known, but decidedly 'cute' Lemeneo Neoma. One vehicle still in question is the North American debut of the BYD e6, which has been rumored to be coming to America in 2012, but there's been on official confirmation, to our knowledge.

    Getting Social Media Right for EVs
    Depending on your expectations -- and political perspective -- 2011 was either an okay year for the sale of the first new generation of electric cars, or it was satisfyingly disappointing. If you figure that Mitsubishi placed some 17,000 i-MiEVs globally, and Nissan hit 20,000, with the Chevy Volt coming close to its 10,000 goal, that’s around 47,000 plug-in cars in the last year or so. That’s not all that bad considering the disaster in Japan and GM closing the Hamtramck plant for retooling over the summer.

    Still, I think those of us interested in growing the EV world would love to see those numbers significantly higher. One of the reasons that sales haven’t been going ‘gang-busters’ -- apart from a still-anemic economy and relatively high sticker prices --may have to do with how people perceive electric-drive vehicles.


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