Could An Off-Road Rally Racer Be the Cure for EV Range Anxiety?

Jeff Smith of the Strategic Recovery Institute has been involved in off-road rally racing for years. He's even raced the first generation all-electric racer in the Baja, but only in the off-road sections. Now he's planning to go all the way on electric power alone.


a d v e r t i s e r

E-Bikes Let You Park the Car More Often

Shaw Television in Victoria, BC features profile on electric bicycles with the focus on local shop that handles Pedego e-bikes, emphasizing their commuting, as well as fitness benefits.



Bill Moore
Bill Moore


Judging by the lack of new news items, you'd think the staff - me - at EV World was on holiday ('vacation' to us Yanks) last week. We'll 'we' did take a break of sorts, but not from work. In fact, we're in the process of shifting gears: moving more towards manipulating molecules instead of just electrons.


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Four Reasons Jon LeSage Has Changed His Mind About California and Electric Cars
California does, in fact, lead the nation in collaborative projects advancing the introduction of electric and fuel cell vehicles.

BMW Plans Introducing i-Brand in Turkey
The Turkish government has been very supportive of electric cars, recently introducing a low private consumption tax rate on them.

Tesla Introduces New Lease Package
Depending on downpayment, leases on the Model S that start at around $800 a month, and top out at close to $1,300 a month for the highest-performance mode, with US Bank lease estimated to be 25 percent cheaper.

Tesla Opens Patents to China Competitors
Tesla has 400 patents of its core technology under its name, including those related to battery management, charging and new battery technologies.

China Electric Car Sales Set New Record
Breakdown of top selling electric cars in China suffers from admitted lack of solid data, but suggests encouraging growth in 2014.

Denza Electric Car Represents New Type of China Partnership
Joint venture between Daimler and China's BYD produced its first product, the Denza electric car sedan over the course of four years.

Test Drive: Mercedes-Benz S500 Electric Hybrid
The brand-new Mercedes S500 Plug-In Hybrid is rated at a very frugal 2.8L/100km on the combined NEDC cycle, priced in the U.A.E. at Dh492,000 ($134,000USD).

EVO Pits BMW i8 v. Porsche 911 Carrera S
Video review compares the performance of BMW's electric hybrid sport coupe and upgraded Porsche's 911

One Year Waiting List For BMW i8 Electric Sports Coupe
UK motoring magazine AutoExpress reports demand for the high-end plug-in super sports coupe is so high that BMW now has a twelve-month waiting list.

Expected Improvements in Redesigned, Engineered Chevrolet Volt
Mark Phelan reports the next generation Chevrolet Volt will have more all-electric battery range, more power and be lighter weight.

GM Planning $240M Investment in Next Gen Volt Electric Drive Production
Since 2009, GM has invested $1.82 billion in Michigan that’s related to electrification and the Volt. The current investment will be in upgrading its Warren Transmission Plant.

Indianapolis 'Freedom Fleet' to Deploy 425 Plug-In Cars
'Freedom Fleet' is part of city's drive to convert its municipal fleet over to fewer gasoline powered models. The city is also the home of one of the first electric carshare system in America based on Paris' AutoLib.

Solving the Challenges of Electric Car Sharing
Germany's Fraunhofer Institute is tackling the issues around developing a practical carshare system based on electric cars.

Detroit Electric Debuts SP:01 A Year Behind Schedule
Originally planned to be built in the USA, the all-electric sports car will now be assembled in Leamington Spa, England, beginning late this year.


Italian Design Students Create Audi A2.0 e-tron Electric Car Concept
Sponsored by Audi, the goal of the competition is an all-electric compact city car that appeals to younger buyers.

Visio.M Concept Seen As Affordable Electric Car
Developed as joint engineering effort in Munich, the 100-mile range, carbon fiber car weighs just 450kg with the 13.5kWh lithium battery removed

3D Printed Car Completed in 48 Hours
With aid of Oak Ridge Labs, Local Motors' can now build parts 10 times larger and hundreds of times faster than current 3D printer technology.

UK Government Pledges £11M to Create Hydrogen Refueling Network
Of the £11M package, £7.5M will come from government and £3.5 from industry to fund the installation of 15 public hydrogen refueling stations.

Voelcker: 10 Questions About Fuel Cell Cars
Green Car Reports' John Voelcker identifies a series of questions we need answers to from executives at Toyota, Hyundai and Honda as they prepare to rollout their latest generation of fuel cell cars.

Survey Reveals Attitudes Towards Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles survey finds respondents would be willing to pay more for the vehicles, but also that they will not be competitive with electric cars until after 2020.

Will Falling Fuel Prices Stall Electric Car Sales?
Carmakers like Nissan and Ford are slashing prices on their electric cars, presumably to help drive sales even before oil prices started dropping.

Automakers Shifting to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies?
Toyota is leading other carmakers in its plans to rollout hydrogen fuel cell cars, especially in California where they can earn more state credits than battery or hybrid cars.

Batteries to Play Increasingly Crucial Role Energy In Portfolio
Developing better ways of efficiently harnessing water, solar and wind power will always be a priority and storing that energy.

Electric Car Owners Dumping Fossil Fuels for Solar Power
By using solar energy to power their electric cars, owners like Chevrolet Volt driver Kevin Tofel, are cutting the payback period on their solar systems in half.

Electric Car Buyers Unhappy with Car Dealers
Selling electric cars requires knowledge and time than gas-powered models which also tend to be more profitable, UC Davis study finds

8 States Responsible for Quarter Million EV Sales In USA
Led by California's Zero Emission Vehicle rules, the following states are responsible for the majority of electric cars sales: Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Ford Slashes Price on 2015 Focus Electric Car
For the second time in two years, Ford reduces the price of its Focus Electric car, including remaining 2014 models, now with a starting MSRP of $29,995.

Ford Turns to Pedego to Develop Super Cruiser Electric Bike
Reportedly co-developed by Ford Motor Co. and Pedego Electric Bicycles, the Super Cruiser retails for $3,695USD.

Ford's Mark Fields: We Tore Apart Tesla Model S and Reassembled It
America's number two carmaker reportedly considering building a full-size, long-range electric car to rival Tesla Motors.

Norway Uses Its Sovereign Wealth Fund to Subsidize Electric Cars
By the time Norwegians take into account all the incentives, both policy and monetary, electric cars like the Tesla Model S end up being cheaper to own and operate than ICE-age models.

University Study Concludes Economies of Scale Won't Drive Down Battery Costs
Joint CMU-MIT study finds that battery economies of scale are exhausted quickly at around 200-300 MWh of annual production, suggesting that Tesla's Gigafactory may not significantly reduce costs.


Tesla's Next Big Disruptor Isn't an Electric Car, It's a Battery
While Panasonic is studying new cylindrical-cell geometries that would optimize both the cost and the energy density for Tesla’s needs, Tesla is working with new cathode and anode materials for its next-generation battery,

Will Tesla Finally Surrender to Dealership Model?
With more states - mainly governed by Republican governors - effectively implementing non-competitive regulations hampering Tesla Motors car sales, is Elon Musk and his team ready to capitulate?

Defying the Law: Minnesota Tesla Owners Offer Test Drives In Iowa
Tesla owners from Minnesota are voluntarily offering test drive in Iowa after that state's car dealers compelled the DOT to shut down the last day of test drives.

Michigan Governor Signs Law Effectively Banning Tesla Sales in State
LIke most of the other governors of states seeking to ban or restrict Tesla's direct-to-buyer sales of its electric cars, Governor Snyder is a Republican, presumably in favor of free markets.

Cenntro Rolls Out First Electric Vehicle in Sparks
The company, which manufacturers small utility service vehicles, started talking to Nevada in April and was able to roll out its first electric car at the Sparks facility by October, a span of just six months.

Why Tesla Will Sell Its Electric Cars in China Through Alibaba
Elon Musk's plan sell his electric cars online in China is to speed up the sales, reports Larry Valli

Daimler Divests Its Shares in Tesla Motors
Like Toyota, Daimler owned a 4% stake in Tesla Motors, which it is now selling for an estimated value of $780 million.

Toyota Joins Daimler In Selling Off Its Shares of Tesla Motors
Until as late as April 2014, Toyota maintained a 2.4-percent stake in Tesla Motors, selling off the remaining shares that once stood at 4 percent.

Ending the Age of Oil
Jess Worth explores how the transition to an oil-free future is being hastened through the divestment of fossil fuel stocks.

Turns Out Solar Power Can Be Contagious
The Journal of Economic Geography reports on study that finds when solar panels are installed in a USA neighborhood, surrounding homeowners will often follow suit.


Newly Passed Pennsylvania Bill Creates Guidelines for NEVs and E-Bikes
Increasing popularity of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and electric-assist bicycles lead to passage of House Bill 573, now headed for the governor's signature.

Polarius Introduces E-Bike Named 'Diesel'
Despite its name, the Diesel Titanium Oxide (TiO) Limited Edition is all-electric bicycle with the ability to recapture energy four different ways.

No More Excuses with Advent of Self-charging Electric Bicycle
South African Penny Haw once rode across southern Africa by bicycle, but that was nearly three decades ago. Now she's reconsidering doing it again, this time with the assistance of a self-charging retrofit kit.

Good E-Bikes Can Make Your Life Easier
Video report from Australia about electric bicycles, what's available, what's to avoid, why they are a great solution for commuters.

Philippines' $300M e-Trike Program Seeks to Replace 100,000 Gas Models with Electric
A quartette of Japanese companies have begun production of electric tricycle taxis in the Philippines as part of government initiative to not only remove gas-powered models off the street but also create upwards of 100,000 jobs.

Toronto University Student's Develop Hybrid Pedal Car
Prototype hybrid tricycle design would have range of 30-40 km and top speed of 32 km/h, allowing it to be classified - for now - as an e-bike in Canada.

KTM Reportedly Shelves E-Speed Electric Scooter
Showcased at the 2014 INTERMOT motorcycle show, the company has decided that the 80 km/h electric scooter concept didn't fit with KTM's brand image.

REVIEW: Hero Photo Electric Scooter
Zigwheels reviews the new all-electric Photo electric motor scooter developed in India, concluding that its one step towards actually making the e-scooter dream a reality.

The Electric Battle for the Hearts of Motorcycle Lovers
E-cycles could be a key factor in attracting the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Reviewing the Vanmoof E-bike
Simon Rockman gets the loan of a Vanmoof electric bicycle finds that while the £2,000 machine is expensive the decision to buy one comes down to a lifestyle choice, one that he says he could get used to.

Pedego Founders Recognized for Successful E-Bike Partnership
The California-based company has seen their electric bikes sold in 40 countries and 800 different shops, including almost 60 with their branded name.

Curbside Commuter Enters US Electric Bicycle Market
A division of ElectroBike, the company will launch with five e-bike models in Venice, California.

Report Analysizes Global Bicycle Market, Sees E-Bike As Fastest Growing Segment
Persistence Market Research finds electric bicycles are the fasted growing segment and it is expected that market will exhibit an even healthier growth in upcoming years.

If Saudis Are Out to Cut Shale Oil's Throat, Then It's Time to Buy An Electric Car
Jeff Siegel sees the deft hand of the Saudis in the plummeting price of oil, suspecting their intention is to bankrupt America's unconventional oil drillers.

Reports Raises Concerns Over Stranded Unconventional Oil & Gas Assets
Research organization Kepler Cheuvreux sees capital-intensive unconventional projects, like the Canadian oil sands, or deepwater and Arctic drilling eroding oil major's profits.

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