Moto-vating Change: How to Trip Our Transportation Trigger

Behavior specialist Ben Foster has made it his vocation to translate theory into product, taking the research of behaviorists like Rupert Sheldrake, Robert Metcalfe and B J Fogg and turning it into successful start-ups from eBay to oPower. If we're going to create a more EV world, we need to better understand why and how we make decisions. It all begins with a trigger; and no, not the horse.


a d v e r t i s e r

It's the First Five Meters That Count!

The electric version doesn't stand a chance in the quarter mile against high-powered gas cars, but in the city, where the first five meters count most... well, watch and see.



Joshua Levin
Joshua Levin


The U.S. Department of Defense has twin programs that pays small businesses to do research. The current set of topics will be open for proposals from September 22 through the wee hours of Wednesday, October 22. For those American readers of EVWorld who are engaged in such research, this is an opportunity to advance their activities.

John Gilkison
John Gilkison


How controlling human numbers is possible even without controlling the birthrate. Our options are wider then most people think.


45 Total Articles for Week of 17-Aug-14 to 23-Aug-14

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Former Volt Owner Shifts to BMW i3 REx
Former Chevy Volt and Ford Focus Energi hybrid owner CNicholson, trades for a fully-loaded BMW i3 REx and offers a comparison between it and the Volt.

Kandi and Other Chinese Car Companies See Extraordinary Growth in 2014
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announces that 'new energy vehicle' production so far in 2014 is up some 200 percent, totally nearly 26,000 units, half of which are pure electric models.

China Carmakers Scrambling to Take Advantage of Newest Gov't Edict
China's Ministry of Finance and two other central-government units have ordered that 30 percent of new bus orders be 'new energy' types by 2016.

SPECTULATION: Tesla May Be Developing Graphene-Based Battery
China News Network purportedly reports that Tesla's next battery technology will be based on graphene, which if true, could enable its cars to drive 800 km (500 mi.) per charge.

What It Will Take for Electric Cars to be Practical
Electronic Design Magazine's Lou Frenzel 'loves electric cars,' but he has some issues with them that are only going to be resolved by better batteries and more charging stations, or so he believes.

How Soon Before Electric Car Become Mainstream ?
Estimates of when electric vehicles will become the dominate from of personal mobility range all over the calendar with most prognosticating it won't happen for another 25 years or longer.

Saab Revival As EV Maker Given New Lease on Life
Labo Test, one of NEVS' suppliers, had petitioned a Swedish court to declare the auto maker bankrupt, but has now withdrawn petition.

Mitsubishi's Plug-In Hybrid Outlander Shows Promise
Paul Keown spends a week with Mitsubishi's Outlander PHEV electric hybrid but finds its long recharge time, presumably at 220V, and consequent range of around 23 km not sufficient for his needs.

REVIEW: Ford Focus Energi: A 'Shockingly' Good Electric Hybrid
Jerry Kronenberg discovers Ford's electric hybrid sedan a capable, but pricey car.

How Does GM Justify Investment in Second Generation Volt?
Motley Fool contributor John Rosevear wonders if the new Chevrolet Volt will see improved consumer acceptance than the first generation?

Lightning Motorcycles Releases Electric Superbike Specs
Only 45 units of the 200 hp $39K electric superbike will be built initially.

Unu Electric Scooter: La Dolce Vita Without the Fumes
The Unu weighs half as much as a comparable Piaggio Vespa Primavera 50 at 128 lbs and costs €1,699 ($2,300).

Mahindra Group to Distribute Korean-Made E-Bikes in North America
Mahindra Group will distribute electric bicycles made by Alton Sports Corp.

The Rise of Electric Cargo Bikes
BBC News profiles the growing list of cargo bikes, many of them electric-assisted, designed for short-haul urban operations.

Meet Anton Brousseau's Electric 'MULE'
MULE is a three-wheeled electric vehicle with a range of 80 miles and designed to carry two removable cargo cases, plus additional baggage strapped on top.


Riding the Current: Electric Bicycle Sales Surging in Europe
Electric bicycles have been a stable of personal transportation in China; now they are taking off in Europe, from postal delivery to work commuting.

Taking A Ride on an Electric Riide E-bike
Washington Post columnist Vicky Hallett takes electric bike startup Riide e-bike for a test spin around D.C. area, predicting that before long, 'everyone will know what an electric bike is. It’ll be that thing that just whizzed by them.'

E-Bike Sales In France Double in 2013
In 2013 a total number of 56,000 Vélos Assistance Electrique (VAE) or e-bikes were sold; up 17.5% on the 46,000 sold in 2012.

Volkwagen Considering Four-Place XL2 Hyper-Efficient Electric Hybrid
If built, the four-seat XL2 would use the same plug-in diesel-electric powertrain as the ground-breaking XL1, which boasts a fuel economy rating of 260 mpg.

How Serious a Threat Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars to Electric Vehicles?
California is moving ahead on its plan to build out a hydrogen fueling infrastructure, largely on the premise that 'if you build it, they will come.'

Competitive Hydrogen Comes at a High Cost
John Voelcker reports that for hydrogen to be competitive will require a $1 billion investment and cheap natural gas, presumably from fracking.

100-Mile Range Electric Car Better Consumer Value for Now
Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences study finds that until battery costs drop to $100/kWh, consumers are better off financially with cars with ranges under 100 miles.

Copper Thieves Hitting Electric Car Charging Stations
Thieves are now targeting public charging stations, stealing their cables, spurred by the high price of copper. Watch for future interview with Bill Carter on his new book, 'Boom Bust Boom.'

Wireless Charging Is Key to the Future of Electric Cars
KAIST professor of nuclear and quantum engineering Rim Chun-taek sees the introduction of inductive wireless charging as the key to the successful introduction of electric vehicles.

US Energy Department to Fund 31 Electric Vehicle Projects
$55 million in funding will be used to increase fuel efficiency and on improving electric vehicle technology with an focus on lithium-ion battery technology.


Elon Musk Betting Big, Really Big on Batteries and Solar Power
Between Elon Musk's investment in the planned Gigafactory and investment in SolarCity, the uber-entrepreneur is wagering some $10 billion in a market that's seen more than a few failures.

Tesla Hiring Hackers to Improve Electric Car Security
Tesla hired former Apple IT security specialist Kristin 'Hacker Princess' Paget, along with some 20 other computer IT specialists to hack-proof its electric car computer systems.

Tesla, Chevrolet Leaders in Electric and e-Hybrid Markets
Brian Deagon offers his appraisal of the current market for all-electric and electric - plug-in - hybrids in North America, which now includes 16 different vehicles from 11 manufacturers.

Tesla Adds UK Supercharger Stations Linking London, Birmingham
Hyatt Regency hotels in London and Birmingham now offer Tesla Supercharging stations, with plans to have some 11 across Britain by 2015.

What They Don't Tell You About Owning An Electric Car
Diana Verde Nieto has discovered that since buying a Chevrolet Volt that she's now driving more, just so she can find a working charge station to plug the car into.

When Will You Buy Your First Tesla Electric Car?
With Tesla outselling the likes of the BMW 7-series, Mercedes S and Audi A8, there are some good reasons why more of us will be opting to go the Tesla route in the future.

From Dublin to Galway and Back By Electric Car
Eddie Cunningham chronicles his drive across Ireland in Renault's ZOE electric car, but it wasn't driving the car that occupied his mind, but all the children playing too close to the road.

Mr. Rabelli's Epic Journey By Solar Electric Tuk Tuk
Electrical engineer Naveen Rabelli of Bangalore, India, is driving his all-electric, solar-charged, three-wheeled Tuk Tuck from India to Britain, a journey estimated to take 100 days.

Electric Cars Are Ready to Roll on Malta Today
Times of Malta test drive the Mitsubishi i-MiEV for two months and comes away with positive review though price and range remain obstacles for many, they conclude.

Electric Cars Like the i3 Definitely Are the Future, Just Not Today
Knowlton Thomas liked his few days test driving the BMW i3 in Canada, but concludes that until it, like other electric cars, can compete with gas models, they won't attract most car buyers.

BMW Launches i-Series Electric Cars in Singapore
In addition to the launch in Singapore, as well as in Japan and Korea last year, the company announced that it plans to launch BMW i vehicles in China in September.

Consumer Reports First Impressions on 'Quick, Quirky' BMW i3
While CR is complementary on the i3 handling, it remains somewhat skeptical of its general acceptance due to its 'price, Playmobil toy shape, and still limited range.'

Tesla Extends Model S Motor Warranty
Model S warranty on electric motor now extended to 8 years, same as battery pack, and an infinite number of miles.

Renovo Coupe Aims to Challenge Electric Supercar Competitors
Based on a modified Shelby Daytona chassis, the all-electric Coupe claims 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds

Electric Plug-Ins 'Flooding' Austalia's Luxury Car Market
The list of of EV, HEV, and PHEV vehicles is growing in Australia including Tesla's Model S and Audi's A3 e-tron Sportback.

My Predictions on Future Tesla Electric Car Production
EV World commentator Juan Carlos Zuleta reviews his previous estimates on Tesla production and looks forward towards 2020.

Magnificient Seven: The Best Electric Cars Today
Daily Mail's Ray Massey lists seven of the electric cars available in Britain from the £700,000, 214mph Porsche 918 Spyder to the £13,995 Renault ZOE.

Saleen Debuts Performance Tesla Model S
FOURSIXTEEN offers upgraded Saleen electric drivetrain, suspension and premium interior.

Rolls-Royce Won't Offer Electric Model Until It Means 'No Compromise'
While Rolls-Royce hasn't ruled out developing an electric model of their luxury cars, it has no plans to do so any time soon.

Round Two: Venturi Streamliner Aims for 600+ Km/h Speed Record
In 2010, the Venturi Buckeye Bullet 2.5 set a new record at 495 km/h. Now the improved version is gunning for 600+ km/h at Bonneville Salt Lake flats.

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