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Earth Day 2015

By Jim Stack

earth day should help us be green and clean every day. It's using Renewable Energy, being efficient and wasting less as we also recycle.

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MPG Testing Uphill Both Ways

By John Gilkison

Testing my Ford F150 with aerodynamics mods on a trip from Radium Springs, NM to Monahans, TX and back from April 10th to April 12th, 2015. Achieved one of my goals of 20 MPG at 80 MPH during this trip.

Electric Golfboard Wins PGA Best New Product Award

All-powered Golfboard brings a wide-tired kickboard to the golf course in this promotional video. Priced at $6,500 and powered by lithium ion battery, its top speed is reportedly between 10-14mph. Developers claim its easy to learn to ride and gives you a good leg workout over 18 holes.

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