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I Meet J Mays

By Bill Moore

It's not all that often you get to meet a highly respected automotive designer, especially in Omaha, Nebraska, but last night, I got to hear and then meet one of the best.

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So Called Fast Charging

By Jim Stack

EVeryone is in a hurry so the Faster the charge the better. There are a few different standards for Fast Charging. Some call it level 3 charging but it's technically Level 2 DC charging which is faster.

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Test Driving Two Plug In Hybrids

By John Gilkison

On Oct 1st my wife and I test drove a Ford C-Max and a Chevy Volt plug in hybrid electric car. Some of my impressions and thoughts on the two vehicles are in this blog.

Tesla Model X Reveal

Elon Musk reveals the new Tesla Model X SUV on September 29, 2015 at Fremont, California assembly plant, starting with talking about the car's safety, which is rated 5 stars in every category.

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