Flight of Fancy: Creating the Next Flying Car

MIX Aerospace has been working for the last four years to create a flying car. Now they're looking to turn those dreams and drawings into working prototypes, using Indiegogo to help raise funds and, more importantly, awareness.


a d v e r t i s e r

The $800K Porsche 918 Spyder Plug-In Hybrid Supercar is rated at 67 MPGe combined in hybrid mode, and a still-respectable 22 mpg when driving on gasoline power only.



Top 20 Newswire Articles of Previous Week

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Hyundai Aiming to Sell 10,000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars By 2025
Its Tucson-based fuel cell crossover will be priced in South Korea the equivalent of $144,000US initially, with costs coming down after 2020.

Mercedes 'Zero Emission' Engine Reportedly Ready for Prime Time
Tesla's Elon Musk doesn't think hydrogen is suitable for powering automobiles, but Mercedes-Benz is ready to start selling its fuel cell cars to the public as early as 2017.

Horseless e-Carriage Makes Debut In New York City
Commissioned by NYClass, this seven passenger electric antique touring car, was developed to be a humane replacement for the horse carriages of New York City's Central Park.

Tesla Roadster May Provide Insights into Electric Car Battery Life Span
Luke Ottaway speculates that ambient temperate and depth of discharge cycles can impact the life cycle of electric car batteries.

China's Heavy Coal-Dependency Reduces Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars
Despite efforts to clean up its power grid, coal will still comprise 60 percent of China's electric power generation.

How Much Money Driving Electric Saves You Depends On Where You Live In America
Surprisingly, it's not in electric car-crazy California where EV drivers will save the most money, reports Navigant. It's Indiana.

Accell Group Forms E-Bike Competence Center
Electric Bicycle Competence Center will provide dealers with e-bike selling systems, technical training, technical support, as well as parts distribution and battery testing.

Cadillac Exec Says Not Afraid of Tesla Motors
Global Cadillac Chief Marketing Officer Uwe Ellinghaus sees success of Tesla Model S as incentive for mainstream manufacturers to 'think twice about electric mobility.'

Mercedes-Benz Exec Questions If Tesla Motors Can Maintain Its Market Lead
Comments by Steve Cannon raise questions about Daimler's plans for electrifying its own luxury car fleet.

Should Tesla Be Worried By the Advent of Fuel Cell Cars?
Leo Sun analyzes the potential competition represented by the launch in 2015 of hydrogen fuel cell cars that will be priced comparable to Tesla's Model S.

Electric Car Sales Haved Doubled Annually For Last Three Years
German research group ZSW tallied all e-drive car sales over last three years and predict that if trend continue there will be 1 million EVs on the road by 2016.

Toyota Plans to Polish Its Green Credentials with Fuel Cell Electric Car Launch
Drivers in key markets that include California reportedly be able to buy Toyota's FCEV for between $30-40,000US due to government subsidies.

Republicans Now Singing A Different Tune About Electric Car Maker
Once reviled by conservative politicians, now the likes of Texas Governor Rick Perry and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are 'singing' Tesla Motors' praise.


Dubai Plans Electric Car Charging Network
Persian Gulf Emirate plans to integrate electric cars and nuclear power, using excess electric power to recharge EV batteries.

Austria Electric Motorcycle 'Inspired by Cuttlefish'
Range on the Johammer J1.150 is estimated at 93 miles and up to 124 miles on the J1.200, the former selling for under $32,000, the later for $35,000.

Three Hydrogen Fueling Stations to be Deployed in London
The three electrolyser-based 700 bar refuelling stations are designed to respond to grid balancing needs.

Germany to Have 400 Quick Charging EV Stations by 2017
Projekt SLAM, backed by BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen, will deploy the country's largest electric vehicle infrastructure with the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.

Havyard Launches Hybrid Plaform Service Vessel
The Platform Service Vessel (PSV) in given operations uses 30 to 40% less fuel compared with a traditional PSV.

BMW Increases i3 Electric City Car Production 43 Percent
BMW has raised daily output to 100 vehicles from 70 previously at the factory in Leipzig, Germany.

Taiwan Firm Introduces Battery Exchange Vending Machine for Electric Scooters
Kentfa Advanced Technology Corporation's vending machine is capable of charging and dispensing 15 batteries for use in the firms Isuda City Cruiser electric scooters.

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