'Fracks' In the Next Financial Bubble?

To listen to the US Energy Department's Energy Information Agency, as well as the American oil and gas industry, the nation is not only in the middle of a boom in fossil fuel production, but one that is likely to last for decades to come. However, a group of academics centered around the University of Texas at Austin have started to question all the rosy forecasts about 100 years of natural gas supplies.


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FIA Formula E - Round Three

Third round of 2014 FIA Formula E electric car race in Punte del Este, Uruguay



Bill Moore
Bill Moore


To read the headlines appearing in the wake of the latest university study on electric cars, you'd have to conclude only a giant meteor strike would be worse for the planet.

Joshua Levin
Joshua Levin


The U.S. Department of Defense has twin programs that pays small businesses to do research: Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR). The current set of topics will be open for proposals from January 15 through the wee hours of Wednesday, February 18. For those American readers of EVWorld who are engaged in such research, this is an opportunity to advance their activities.


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Will Cheap Gas Kill the Electric Car?
For a host of very good reasons, Green Car Reports' John Voelcker is skeptical that 'plug-in electric car sales will fall just because gas prices have gotten a lot lower.'

BMW Plans Carshare in London
Besides some 300 vehicles, DriveNow's London fleet will include 30 i3 electric cars starting in the Spring of 2015.

Nissan LEAF Owners Never Want to Go Back to Their ICE-age Autos
One LEAF owner in the UK traded in his Aston Martin for two of the electric cars, one for him, one for his wife, who he wouldn't have to argue who got to drive it.


GE, ConEd, Columbia U Team Up to Cut Electric Car Charging Costs
Collaborators are looking at ways to use smart charging to reduce the costs to EV drivers and building owners.

Greenest Cars Are Electric Running on Renewables, Study Finds
The takeaway from latest University of Minnesota study on automotive emissions is clear: Invest heavily in clean energy and use electric vehicles.

Top Ten Production Electric Cars in Driving Range
Pablo Erbar lists the ten electric cars based on their EPA-designated driving range starting with the shortest, the Smart EV and culminating with the Telsa Model S P85.

A Few Antique EV Suggestions to Replace Central Park's Horses
Wired Online comes up with a number of suggestions for antique electric cars that might make suitable replacements for the much-embattled carriages in New York's Central Park.

Where Electric Cars Roam in America... And Why
Of the top five states for electric car sales, all have 'lucrative' rebates and other incentives, while the bottom five have no incentives in place.

Will This Be the Last Christmas for Georgia's Generous Electric Car Tax Credit
Georgia’s generous $5,000USD tax credits have been a major reason behind his choice to drive an electric vehicle, placing it just behind California in numbers of EVs on the road.

Tam Hunt Pulls the Plug On Oil with Fiat 500e Electric Car
Santa Barbaran ditches his Prius C for Fiat's electric 500e finding it not only saves upwards of $6,000USD in fuel costs, but with California's $2,500 credit, its nearly free to drive the first year.


Meet the First Tesla Model S P85D Owner
Business Insider's David Smith speaks with Kevin Babineau, a southern California contractor and first customer for the dual-drive, $130,000USD Model S

Tesla Model X Will Have Towing Option
In addition to offering a factory-installed hitch, the optional tow package can also be adapted to hold ski and bike racks without affecting its aerodynamics too much.

Falling Oil Prices Only Bump In the Road for Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors share prices continue to slide as oil prices crash towards the $50 a barrel mark.

Germans Preparing 'Slew' of Tesla Model S Challengers
Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche mapping out an electric car offensive with models ranging in price from just below the Model S to over $125,000.

The Ground Is Shifting Under Tesla Motors As Competitors Take Aim
Edward Niedermeyer sees its competitors starting to grow 'weary' of Tesla's success at their expense.


6 Reasons Lower Oil Prices Will Not Slow Green Energy Revolution
Allegations that lower oil prices will slow the shift away from fossil fuels is unlikely to be true even in the short term, and it is laughable in the medium to long term, writes respected Middle East expert Juan Cole.

Why One Toronto Family 'Pulled the Plug' on Buying An Electric Car
Cold Canadian weather, limited range and a commute just too far has stalled this family's desire to drive the current crop of affordable electric cars

Why I Married My Nissan LEAF Electric Car
After buying his Nissan LEAF EV, RMI's Peter Bronski came to the realization that he'd entered into a lifestyle commitment not unlike marriage.

Electric, Hybrid Cars Sales In Perspective
Despite the current slump in the sales of certain models of hybrid and electric-drive vehicles, the trends are clear: electric-propelled vehicles are the future.

Carlos Ghosn: Why Electric Cars Are A 'Win' For Consumers, Environment
CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance enumerates the reasons why his companies will continue to pursue battery electric vehicles instead of hydrogen.

BMW Issues Recall for Possible Leaking Fuel Tank on i8
Recall affects some 223 i8 electric hybrid super cars in the USA.

Volvo Will Sell Its XC90 Electric Hybrid in North America
The electric hybrid, which offers an EV-mode range of up to 25 miles while carrying as many as 7 passengers, will go on sale starting Spring of 2015.

Why Electric Hybrids May Be the Car of the [Near] Future
Inside Science senior editor Chris Gorski reports on studies that seek to understand why more people are interested in electric, plug-in hybrids than pure battery cars.

Skip Hydrogen, Buy A Hybrid to Help Cut Green House Gases
Kevin Bullis finds the carbon dioxide released in making the hydrogen for the Hyundai fuel cell SUV is comparable to a gasoline car getting 38 mpg, while the roomer Prius V gets the equivalent of 42 mpg.

Don't Write Off Fuel Cell Cars Just Yet, Folks
John McCormick finds that recent advances in technology are making hydrogen fuel cell cars a viable alternative to the ICE-age culture of the last 100 years.

Hyundai Fuel Cell Engine Named Among 10 Best for 2015
The hydrogen fuel cell powertrain is the first to be recognized by Ward's in its annual 10 Best Engines awards.

2014 Shaping Up as Banner Year for eBike Sales in Britain
Nearly 50,000 electric bicycles were imported into the UK according to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs for the 12 month period ending July 2014, an 80% increase over the previous period.

You're Never Too Old To Cycle When You're Riding an Electric Bike
65 year-old Ray Wookey rides an Haibike eQ Xduro RC electric-assist bicycle from London, England to Paris, France, a distance of some 300 miles in just 3 days time and all of it off-road.

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