The AllCells Way of Preventing Lithium Battery Self-Immolation

AllCells Technology Chairman and CEO Said al-Hallaj talks about his company's efforts to prevent lithium-ion battery thermal runaway through the use of a phase-change material that limits the damage to other cells in the pack.


a d v e r t i s e r

Zelectric VW Beetle Conversion

David Bernardo and his classic converted all-electric VW Beetle featured Roads&Rides video.



The Evolving American Dream: Why Millennials Don't Buy Cars

Fewer Millennials aged 16-34 own cars or even have driver's licenses than previous generations as what they consider their 'American Dream' evolves and that's impacting a lot of companies from network television to big box stores to auto giants like Ford Motor Company.


30 Total Articles for Week of 20-Jul-14 to 26-Jul-14

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Knesset Committee Approves Electric Bikes, Nixes E-Scooters
Electric bicycles must comply with European standards with a motor output of 250W and a pedal-activated top speed limited to 25 km/h.

RUMORED: GM Considering Ending Ampera Sales in Europe
According to Automotive News Europe, declining sales of the Ampera version of the Volt, have sparked internal discussions of ending sales there.

Electric Hybrid Metrocab Set to Roll in London
The Metrocab REE is powered by 1L petrol engine and twin electric motors on the rear wheel, giving it a range of 80 km in EV-mode and an overall range of 450 km.

LG Chem Said Aiming for 200-Mile Electric Car Battery By 2016
Manufacturers currently using LG Chem lithium-ion cells includ GM, Renault and Volvo.

The Future of the Electric Car Depends on 'Trickle Down' Technology
Until the 'size' of the battery tank can go from 200 Wh/kg to 440 or 500 Wh/kg and the costs drop, pure-electric cars won't penetrate the market much, Charles Murray argues.

Why BMW Will Win at the Electric Car Game
Contrary to Peter Cheney's views at The Globe & Mail, Travis Hoium thinks BMW's foray into electric cars is a smart, forward-thinking move.

What Is BMW Thinking 'Messing' With Electric Cars?
After driving the i3, Peter Cheney of The Globe and Mail likens BMW's electric car initiative to a beautiful, smart, successful woman marrying a high school dropout.

Test Drive: Renault ZOE Electric Car
Dublin-based Campbell Spray finds much to fault in his review of The ZOE electric car from Renault from the fact you have to rent the battery to it driver visibility issues.

Daimler Reveals Next Generation Smart Car Line That Includes ForFour Model
With sales declining, Daimler hopes the new design and addition of a four-passenger version will be a consumer success. Plans for electric versions not announced at this time.

London Electrical Contractor Adds Smart ED Electric Car to Fleet
the Mercedes Benz Smart ForTwo Electric Drive will be used to transport electricians across London to carry out electrical inspections, repairs and installations, as well as emergency repairs.

Renault 16-Ton Electric Truck Takes to Paris Streets
Experimental all-electric truck is will be used to make deliveries to Maison de Parfums & Cosmétiques boutiques around Paris over next two years.

Washington, D.C. Considering Replacing Circulator Bus with Electric Models
Nearing the end of their service life, the DC Circulator may be replaced by electric buses: both BYD's k9 and Proterra buses are in the running.

Renault Delivers 30 Electric Delivery Vans to Uruguay
the 30 Kangoo Z.E.s will be used by UTE for missions in the Uruguayan capital Montevideo and elsewhere in the country

The Experts: Why I Believe Electric Cars Will Rule the Road
Next Generation VP Kate Gordon weighs in on the question of what technologies will power the cars of the future and in her view they will be electric.

Growth of US Charging Network: Credit President Obama
GlobalData report credits U.S. President Barack Obama as the catalyst for a surging electric vehicles (EV) charging market.

Tesla Model 3 Seen Changing the Course of Electric Car Development
Now officially named the 'Model 3', Tesla's third generation electric car will be priced roughly half the cost of the base line Model S.

Tesla Electric Car In The Running for UK Gov't Fleet
UK government's Government Car Service has been authorized under £5 million program to purchase 150 ultra-low emission vehicles.

Tesla Symposium Highlights Positive News for Emerging EV World
Dennis Taylor reports from TMC Connect gathering in Monterey, California, the focus of which is the future of EV technology.

Japan Opens First Commercial Hydrogen Fueling Station
The station is located in the Hyogo Prefecture, where the city of Kobe is located.

Japan to Offer ¥ 2 Million Subsidy for Fuel Cell Cars
Subsidy would reduce the cost of Toyota's fuel cell car to ¥5 million or just under $50,000USD.

Peak Minerals: Interview with Extracted Author Ugo Bardi
Peak oil isn't the only challenge facing modern society; University of Florence professor Ugo Bardi discusses also the problem of peak minerals.

China Approves Toyota Battery Joint Venture
Joint venture will focus on producing NiMH batteries, presumably for hybrid cars.

California Firms Team Up to Develop High Energy-Density Lithium Battery
CalBattery/CALEB joint venture will develop and produce a 3rd generation lithium sulfur battery primarily for EV and energy storage applications.

Could Apple Be Partner in Tesla's Gigafactory?
Panasonic may not be the only player in Tesla's Gigafactory plans: Samsung and even Apple could be taped to participate in $5 billion project.

Tesla Model S: Maybe Not Quite the Perfect Automobile
Some potentially serious mechanical issues have reportedly started to crop up in the Tesla Model S, at least for the folks at

BYD Still Faces Uphill Climb to Success
Shanghai-based business writer Doug Young thinks investors need to look at company's international sales efforts to gauge BYD's investment prospects.

Test Drive: 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid
G. Chambers Williams III reviews Honda's new Civic Hybrid, noting its fuel economy rating has improved between 2013 and 2014.

Mercedes C350: More Frugal Than Toyota's Prius
Mercedes-Benz anticipates launching the C350 PHEV in early 2015.

TEST DRIVE: BMW 'Born Electric' i8
The Guardian's Martin Love flies to remove Inverness to test drive the BMW i8 performance electric hybrid coupe.

5 Exciting Hybrids That Will Wow You
Think hybrids are under-powered and bland? Take a look at these super-performance models from BMW to Volkswagen.

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