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Artist's concept of Lilium VTOL electric aircraft

Lilium Debuts Electric VTOL Concept

It lifts off vertically, flies at 250 mph and is entirely powered by batteries, and no, it's not a RC model.

Okay, let's be clear right up front. The aircraft you see pictured above doesn't actually exist. It and all the other illustrations proliferating on the 'Net, are just computer renderings, an artist's vision of what the Lilium VTOL aircraft might look like assuming all the technology it incorporates actually materialize.

There is n...

Saab 9-3 might be the platform used to create Turkey's first electric-hybrid car.

A Turkish Electric Hybrid

For a decade, Turkey has experimented with a range of EV technologies. Now Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik wants to turn that experience into a world-beating product.

Turkey's Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik is obviously proud of his country's technological prowess. However, claiming that it can build a "better" electric car than Tesla might be exaggerating just a bit from what we know about the current state of EV technology in the country based on previous press reports EV World's car...

Computer artists concept of Nikola One Class 8 truck.

Another Electric Vehicle Company Appropriates Inventor's Name

Nikola Motor Company is working on the other ends of the EV spectrum, an all-electric utility vehicle and a monster plug-in hybrid Class 8 over-the-road truck

Given their enormous torque, electric-vehicles long ago demonstrated they were up to there job of hauling or pulling heavy loads. All-electric buses were hauling passengers before the turn of the 20th century and long after electric cars faded from the scene, their work truck counterparts kept on 'truckin' well into the 1930s.

Now ...

Detroit Electric Car circa 1915.

The EV-olution of Electric Vehicles

An animated GIF tour of the history of the electric car from 1828 to 2016, courtesy of

It might surprise you to learn that electric vehicles are more than 150 years old. In fact, the technology has been around far longer than ICE-age (internal combustion engine) propulsion.

In 1828, a Hungarian Benedictine priest and inventor named Ányos Jedlik created what is probably the earliest example of EV technology, mountin...

2017 Chrysler Pacific electric hybrid - world's first plugin minivan.

Google, Chrysler Collaborate on Autonomous Minivan

In what could be a revealing strategic move, Google is partnering with Chrysler to integrate its self-driving vehicle technology into the carmaker's minivan.

Up until now, Google has either converted or commissioned its growing fleet of autonomous vehicles, which include its little, steering wheel-less, two-seater (pictured below), as well as Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

Now that fleet is about to include its first minivan, the new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica electric hybrid featured above (not...

Nissan LEAF with Enel V2G hookup

Nissan, Enel Plan V2G Experiment in UK

Participants in the UK-based demonstration program will be compensated for sharing their electric car battery capacity with power grid.

Automotive industry leader Nissan and multinational power company Enel, today confirmed plans to launch a major vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial – the first ever carried out in the UK. The trial will work by installing and connecting one hundred V2G units at locations agreed by private and fleet owners of the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 e...

a d v e r t i s e r
a d v e r t i s e r

Tesla Model X Test Drive

Reporting for Tech Insider, Cadie Thompson goes for spin in Tesla Model X P90D all-electric crossover SUV, discovering its falcon doors, auto pilot and screamingly quick acceleration.

Formula E ePrix Paris, France

April 23, 2016 ePrix takes to the streets of central Paris, France in this nearly five-minute long highlights video.

Article Image

Technology the key to newcomers in lithium?

By Juan Carlos Zuleta

A recent report on new lithium extraction technologies by Myles McCormick, published by Industrial Minerals (IM), including comments by Chris Berry, founder of House Mountain Partners and Juan Carlos Zuleta, lithium economics analyst.

Industrial Minerals, UK

Printed Edition, June, 2016

Published online 21 May 2016

By Myles McCormick

- Solvent-based extraction a potential game-changer

- Korea’s POSCO fronting new direct extraction technology

- Details remain vague...

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