Bikes Belong In America's Transportation System

By Bruno Maier

Bikes Belong's Bruno Maier gives a sobering assessment of the costs of America's automobile dominant culture in terms of the toil it is taking on not only our environment, but on our health and economy. Recorded at 2013 Interbike Electric Bicycle Media Event on February 13, 2013.

"This generation of children are likely to be the first one to not outlive their parents," Bruno Maier told the assembled journalists during his luncheon presentation at the inaugural Interbike Electric Bicycle Media Event held at Terranea Resort on the Palo Verdes peninsula south of Los Angeles.

EV World's own Bill Moore delivered the opening keynote in the morning, giving an overview of the history of electric bicycles, which dates back to the year 1880, as well as the challenges and opportunities confronting the industry in America.

Maier, who works for the grassroots NGO Bikes Belong, focused his talk on the need to get more Americans, our children in particular, back walking and bicycling, noting that as recent as the 1970s, half of all school children walked or biked to school. Today it is less than 10%, and obesity levels across the nation are one of the results.

And it's not just our children. Maier pointed out that 80% of workers in the workplace are now considered overweight or obese. But before we can get both children and adults riding bicycles (conventional and electric-assist) again, we need to give them safe places to ride and that's the mission of Bikes Belong, helping cities create safer biking environments.

Maier's presentation, available in its entirety below, is some 24 minutes in length. EV World extends its appreciation to Pat Hus (who introduces Maier) and his team at Interbike for organizing this event and inviting us to participate.

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Originally published: 24 Feb 2013


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