The New Italian Job

By Bill Moore

Three-part Skype video interview with key founders Giovanni Ali and Luca Strassera at ZeHus, developer of the Bike+ electric all-in-one bicycle motor from their offices in Milano.

It's not yet Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but it seems like a new generation of electric bicycle systems have suddenly blossomed: Copenhagen Wheel, FlyKly, Electron Wheel, ZeHus, just to name some of the more prominent All-In-One or AIO electronic wheel motors for bicycles.

Instead of bulky motors and separate batty packs, these teams of engineers have blended the two key components into a single unit that simply replaces the rear wheel on just about any conventional bicycle. Control is managed wirelessly, presumably using Bluetooth or similar technology, usually through a smart phone App.

But what really sets these devices apart from first generation e-bikes is they don't need to be plugged into an external electric power source to recharge the battery pack. The rider - and gravity, to a degree - provide the energy to keep their internal batteries charged.

ZeHus compact all-in-one e-drive system for bicycles

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Originally published: 16 Jan 2014


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