The 'Electric' Rebirth of Voxan

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Exclusive video interview with Gildo Pastor on the world premier of Voxan's cutting edge Wattman electric superbike.

If there is to be a 'Tesla' of electric motorcycles, my money (not literally, you understand) will be on Voxan. Through the efforts of Gildo Pastor, the president and CEO of Venturi Automobiles, the bankrupt French motorcycle maker was officially reborn today in Paris as an e-cycle company with the debut of the Wattman superbike.

Powered by a 200 hp (150kW) electric drive motor, Voxan claims it is not only the world's most powerful electric motorcycle but also the first motorcycle to be built around an 'eco-skeleton' made up of its lithium-ion battery pack. There is no frame. The 12.8 kWh battery pack, charger, controller, and cooling system are the 'frame'; all of it integrated into its polished aluminum exterior. Zero-to-100 mph is under six seconds! Range per charge is estimated at 180 km (112mi). It is also the first e-cycle to utilize the new European quick charge Combo II plug that enables the bike to recharge its pack to 80% of capacity in 30 minutes.

Like Venturi's decidedly 'high-end' electric sports cars - the Fetish and Volage - the Wattman is a limited production vehicle, the purpose of which is more about brand-building for the revived company, which went into receivership in 2009, some 14 years after its original founding as a gas bike builder. Pastor took it over in 2010, promising to use it as a platform for the production of electric two-wheelers. The Wattman is the first, but not the only e-machine Pastor plans to develop. Already, his design team, based in Monaco, is developing a three-wheeled motor scooter, which may find its way to North America, he hints in this exclusive, 15-minute video recorded today (2 December 2013) from premier at the 2013 Paris Motorcycle Show.

If you track such developments in the EV world, you will, of course, be aware that there is a continual stream of similar announcements: Energica, Yamaha, Saietta, just to mention a few. In Voxan/Venturi's case, the Wattman, is as much about demonstrating the company's considerable EV technical expertise in the form of a very exciting portfolio of projects that run the gamut from drives across Africa and Eurasia to the first electric vehicle to reach the South Pole.

But Pastor is promising that in Voxan he will be introducing more affordable electric vehicles, ones that will do for the two-wheeled EV market that Tesla has done for the four-wheeled class.



Voxan Wattman all-electric superbike

Voxan Wattman all-electric superbike

Voxan Wattman all-electric superbike

Wattman designer Sacha Lakic
Voxan Wattman Designer Sacha Lakic

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Originally published: 02 Dec 2013


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