Inventing the Mobilitree: Making Transportation Rational

By EV World Editorial Team

Transportation Planner Dan Sturges looks at ways to reinvent personal mobility that is smart, efficient and sustainable.

If you've ridden in a GEM neighborhood electric vehicle - and a surprising number of world leaders have at various global conferences in the past - you can thank Dan Sturges, car designer, a self-styled 'reluctant entrepreneur' and trained transportation planner.

Since the days of the GEM, Dan has looked at all kinds of ways to make transportation not only sustainable, but more rational. In this 42-minute video he discusses all the various options that are or can be exploited to move people, especially, in both 'thick' and 'thin' cities, from the towering, vertical cities like New York (thick) to the sprawl of Las Vegas, Nevada (thin). It's a system he calls Mobilitree, melding all our connected, smart phone networks with a 'jungle' of personal mobility options: walking, cycling, NEVs, carshare, short-term car rentals, jitneys and public transit (buses, trams, light-rail).

In this new approach to transportation are countless entrepreneurial opportunities from developing and managing what he calls 'Far Cars' to 'Near Gear' vehicles like the Renault Twizy being used in the above image for bakery delivery. Much of his vision revolves around the integration of electric vehicles from e-bikes to narrow cars like the CommuterCar's Tango or the Nissan Land Glider.

Ready to think outside the Model T transportation model of the last century? Take 40 minutes to watch Dan's presentation. Looking for a way to participate in this evolution? Take a look at EV World's ePEDALER e-bike rental project.


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Originally published: 09 Nov 2013


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