Paul Scott: The Quintessential Electric Car Salesman

By Bill Moore

Plug In America co-founder, solar energy expert and now Nissan LEAF salesman Paul Scott has been 'selling' electric cars for well over a decade, now he's actually making a living at it.

It's one thing to talk about - or report on, for that matter - electric cars, or even to own and drive one. It's another matter entirely when you try to sell them to others. You're asking them to not only write a check but also to take a leap of faith by making a sizable financial commitment to a still nascent technology, one that asks them to forego a measure of the freedom they've come to take for granted.

That's part of the reason I wanted to chat with Paul Scott, a long-time electric vehicle advocate who has owned electric cars and electric two-wheelers for as long as I've been putting out EV World. Back during the Los Angeles debut of our mutual friend, Chris Paine's 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' Paul drove me down famed Hollywood Boulevard in this 1999 Toyota RAV4 EV, which was, effectively, powered by sunlight. More than a decade ago he installed solar panels on the roof his home in Santa Monica, California. The sunlight falling on the array powered his home and his vehicles, which for a time, included on of the early Vectrix electric motorscooters. He estimates that is pays just $100 a month in electric power bills, the rest of is supplied by the sun, 93 million miles away.

After Nissan introduced the LEAF, Paul had the opportunity to visit the factory in Japan and have lunch with Carlos Ghosn. That event inspired him to walk into the Nissan dealer in Santa Monica - which has since lost its lease and closed - and get hired to specialize in selling the LEAF, telling the manager that he planned to make the dealership the national sales leader for the LEAF. How he did, he explains in the two-part, 31-minute video featured below.

Of course, Paul's been 'selling' electric vehicles for a long time, certainly as long as I have known him; he just wasn't making any money at it. Today he does. But he's also 'selling' solar, which he also used to do, but now he's coaxing his buyers to also power their electric cars with sunshine.

He also talks about the economics of owning an electric vehicle, as well as the minutia of buying or leasing one in California, where between the state's $2,500 rebate and Nissan's low price on the LEAF S model, he can get you into one for as low as $240 a month, including all the taxes, destination fees, etc. He's now at the Nissan dealer in downtown Los Angeles, so if you're in the market for a good, green car, stop by and talk to him; and you to might soon be driving on sunshine.

Video Interview: Part 1

Video Interview: Part 2

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Originally published: 27 Oct 2013


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