Made In Spain: Scutum Electric Cargo Scooters

By EV World Editorial Team

Interview with Scutum CEO Carlos Sotelo, manufacturers of electric cargo scooters based in Barcelona, Spain.

When you think of motor scooters and the one city in the world most closely associated with them, most people would immediately think of Rome, Italy. A lot of people there use them and the classic 1953 Hollywood film Roman Holidaydid much to popularize both the city and Vespas.

But there's another city on the Mediterranean coast that could also easily lay claim to being the most scooter-friendly and that's Barcelona, Spain, at least according to CEO Carlos Sotelo Rosell. His two year-old company has decided to capitalize on the city's embrace of two-wheeled vehicles and its mild climate to introduce an electric cargo scooter designed for urban delivery services from small parcels to pizza.

Scutum S02 electric cargo scooter

The S02 has all the hallmarks of a gasoline scooter, but instead of a noisy, smelly, polluting ICE-age engine, it is propelled by up to 80 Ah of lithium ion phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries and a 4,000W brushless electric hub motor. With all three customizable battery packs (40 Ah, 60Ah, and 80Ah) installed, the S02 has a range up to 110 km (62 mi) at 50 km/h (31 mph) in Normal mode. Economic and Sport modes are also available. Top speed is 75 km/h (46 mph).

While the company has developed a passenger version dubbed the S01, its production plans are focused, for now, on the S02 cargo model. And because Barcelona is also the home of an number of motorcycle and motor scooter manufactures, Scutum is well positioned to tap into a ready-made local supplier market. In fact, the only major component of the S02 that doesn't originate in Spain is its LiFePo4 battery cells, which Sotelo has to source from Asia. There are no European manufacturers that make the type of cells he needs for his machine.

In this 15-minute interview, conducted via Skype audio, Sotelo introduces us to his company and its manufacturing and marketing plans, which include the production of their first 300 machine by the end of 2013.

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Originally published: 17 Oct 2013


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