BMW i3: As Green As It Gets

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Exclusive interview with BMW i-Series Global Brand Manager Ulrich Kranz with EV World's Bill Moore on the sustainability of the i3 electric car.

Is is possible to actually build an automobile that is 'sustainable' in the sense of its total environmental impact, its carbon footprint? BWM's i-Series global brand manager, Ulrich Kranz certainly thinks so. BMW engineers have calculated that the lifecycle carbon footprint of the i3 is half that of the company's highly efficient 118d.

But why even bother cutting a car's emissions or building an all-electric car in the first place?

Because the world is changing, Kranz replied. Such things are becoming increasingly important to more and more people, including BMW customers, whom he thinks are going to be asking for lower carbon footprint vehicles, and the technology being developed in the i3, from its extensive use of carbon fiber to its own built-in Internet IP address, will soon find their way into other BMW automotive products.

In this 17-minute video, EV World's publisher, Bill Moore, talks with Kranz, and BMW's global communications director Cypselus von Frankenberg, and asks the pair not just about the reasons for introducing an electric city car, but their strategy for marketing the car. Do they highlight its reduced carbon impact or its performance and operational cost savings? Is there a role in the i-Series or hydrogen fuel cells? We discuss the intermodal connectivity of the car and learn about the 10 mW of wind power that is onsite at the Leipzig production facility and produces zero carbon electricity for the plant on an average of 280 days out of the year.

We do apologize for the background noise in the video and suggest that if you turn down the volume, you can largely eliminate it as a distraction. We didn't have a wind shield available for the camera-mounted microphone.

Video Interview with Ulrich Kranz

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Originally published: 05 Aug 2013


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