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21 Oct 2014


As I am sure you realize, while most of the information on EV World is free, it costs money to produce it and share it; hundreds of dollars a month just in server hosting fees, not to mention all the labor and office expenses that go into bringing you new content on virtually a daily basis. And while we do have third-party ads on the site, they don't begin to meet our needs, unfortunately.

So, taking my cue from Amanda Palmer's TED Talk 'The Art of Asking,' I am asking you to help us out. We've set up a Donate button on all our pages that enables you, through Paypal, to give whatever you feel this service is worth to you personally.


The Art of Asking


Select your contribution level below and then click the PayPal donate button. If you prefer to contribue by check, saving us the processing fee, make it payable to EV WORLD.COM, INC., P.O. BOX 461132, PAPILLION, NE 68046 USA.

$2500 $1000 $500
$250 $100 $50
$25 $10 $5


Even though you can select the amount to donate using the radio buttons above, you will need to reenter that amount in the Paypal form.

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