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17 Feb 2014 - Half-hour-plus video debrief with Tesla Model S owner Randy Denmon on his and Dean Lewis' historic drive the length of Mexico and Central America from the Texas border to the Panama Canal.


Swiss design firm Rinspeed has upgraded a Model S electric car with futuristic self-driving cockpit that allows passengers to relax while the car - courtesy of movie-making magic - stirs itself across romantic landscapes. This likely is beyond Elon Musk's vision of a Tesla autopilot system, but it shows the potential of what the future may hold for those who can afford it.


Steve Stollman

Steve Stollman


In a world of nearly limitless energy and vast natural abundance, mankind's greatest output seems to come in the form of waste; from the pollution our cars and power plants spew to the human beings we incarcerate.


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Developing World's Urban Populations Could Triple by 23rd Century
NYU’s Marron Institute projects that the world’s urban population will reach 9.8 billion people by 2210, with nearly 87 percent of the 11.3 billion people on Earth living in cities.
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Toronto Approves E-Scooter Access to City Bike Lanes
E-scooters will now be allowed in painted bike lanes, but not physically separated bikeways or mixed use trails.
Total Page Views: 1156


Is Auckland Ready to 'Tango'?
Toa Greenig's Project Microcar aims to acquire 15,000 Commutercar Tango, two-seat, narrow-track electric cars.
Total Page Views: 993

Alternate View: Uptake of EV Licenses in Beijing Hits Nearly 5,000 in February
Electric car plates are meant only for electric cars and cannot be used on petrol vehicles, which means there likely will be an enforcement issue in the capital.
Total Page Views: 579

One View: Nobody Wants to Buy An Electric Car In Beijing
Only 1,701 would-be buyers of electric cars have filed applications for a new vehicle license as of Saturday, reports South China Morning Post.
Total Page Views: 582

BYD Chairman Wang Sees Tesla as 'Richman's Toy'
Berkshire Hathaway-backed BYD says demand for its new Qin electric hybrid currently exceeds demand, as does demand in China for Tesla's Model S.
Total Page Views: 689

Musk: Sale of Tesla to Apple 'Very Unlikely'
Sale unlikely,says Elon Musk, due to lackk of a compelling scenario that would lead to the production of an affordable mass-market car.
Total Page Views: 502

BMW's Next Challenge: Educating Dealers On Its i-Series Electric Cars
Long-time BMW electric car lessee, Tom Moloughney is finding dealers calling him for help in getting up to speed on the Germany carmakers i3 and i3 electric cars, launching in the US this Spring.
Total Page Views: 597

Tesla To Announce Gigawatt Battery Plan with Aim of Affordable Electric Car
Gigafactory's aim is to make possible the production of a Tesla car costing $35,000, half the rate of today's Model S.
Total Page Views: 674

Tesla Issues 2013 Shareholder Report
Company reports on its 2013 production and financial results, as well as looking ahead into 2014.
Total Page Views: 564

Here Are the Numbers Tesla Needs to Hit To Keep Growing
Jim Jelter analyzes Tesla's latest revenue report that shows earnings of 22 cents a share.
Total Page Views: 596

Wanxiang's Pyrrhic Victory
Jeff Siegel dissects the Chinese company's winning the auction for bankrupt Fisker Automotive, makers of failed luxury electric hybrid.
Total Page Views: 445

How Energy Packets Can Keep the Power Grid Stable When Charging Electric Cars
University of Vermont (UVM) researchers develop energy packet switching system similar to information packets on the Internet to facilitate electric car charging.
Total Page Views: 437

Peak Oil Is Not A Myth
Chris Rhodes reveals the impact of the cost of energy production versus the value of the energy returned.
Total Page Views: 688

Study Finds Natural Gas Leaks Worse Than Expected
Joe Romm highlights two new studies on the impact of relying on natural gas as a 'bridge' energy source and finds that by the time it has a net climate benefit 'you'll likely be dead and the climate ruined.'
Total Page Views: 454

Arctic Thaw Significantly Raises Risk of Global Warming
Loss of reflective ice cover by 52% since 1979 means a big rise in energy absorbed.
Total Page Views: 382

Arctic Sea Ice 'Death Spiral' Continues
NOAA video reveals that not only is the area of Arctic sea ice shrinking, but so is the volume as old, thicker ice disappears.
Total Page Views: 640


Rinspeed XchangE Converts Tesla Model S Into Autonomous Mobile Info Center
Swiss design firm incorporates cutting edge communications technology into Tesla's Model S to create a self-driving electric car that double as office and living room on long trips.
Total Page Views: 1670

Here's Why Car Dealers Aren't That Keen on Selling Electric Cars
Just as Tesla has long contended, car dealers are more interested in selling buyers gasoline cars than electric models, writes John Voelcker.
Total Page Views: 1492

Campaign Aims to Reclaim the Manila's Road From Cars
Share-the-Road movement wants to get 50 percent of cars off the road, giving the space back to cyclists and pedestrians.
Total Page Views: 502

Beijing to Use Lottery to Entice Buyers to Electric Cars
Of the 150,000 vehicle licenses to be awarded in 2014, 20,000 will be dedicated to electric cars.
Total Page Views: 668

Saleen, AC Propulsion to Develop Electric Supercar
AC Propulsion will provide the technology and implementation of the powertrain and battery for the Saleen Electric vehicle project.
Total Page Views: 1414

Yes, Republicans Can Drive Hybrids
What Conservatives understand that Liberals don’t is that it’s okay to approach protecting the planet from the standpoint of some return on investment, writes Thomas J. Basile.
Total Page Views: 566

Stanford Roadmap Sees Renewably-Powered USA By 2050
Stanford's Mark Jacobson and colleagues develop energy roadmap that sees, in the case of California, being powered by 55 percent solar, 35 percent wind (on- and offshore), 5 percent geothermal and 4 percent hydroelectric.
Total Page Views: 767

Bolivia Inaugurates Pilot Lithium-Ion Battery Plant
The $3.7 million facility is capable of turning out 1,000 cellphone batteries per day, as well as 40 batteries for use in electric vehicles.
Total Page Views: 928

Trading Water for Fuel is Frackin' Crazy
Respected scientist and philanthrophy David Suzuki criticizes fracking, asserting 'that we have better ways to create jobs and build the economy than holding an 'everything must go' sale on our precious resources.'
Total Page Views: 910

Hyundai FCEV Powered By Sewage-Derived Hydrogen
University of California at Irvine scientist has developed method for producing hydrogen gas from fermented sewage.
Total Page Views: 819


Review II: Volkswagen e-Up - 'Shockingly Good'
Jeremy Laird shares his take on the Volkswagen e-Up electric mini.
Total Page Views: 1864

Review: VW e-Up Electric Car
Martin Love reviews Volkswagen's electric car, the e-UP.
Total Page Views: 850

BMW Testing Plug-In Hybrid 3-Series
The new 3-series PHEV is said to coveer 25 miles on pure battery power.
Total Page Views: 754

Peugeot Will Introduce Air Hybrid Engine Option in 3 Years
Hybrid Air drivetrain could allow a car the size of a Citroën C3 or Peugeot 208 to emit as little as 69g/km of CO2.
Total Page Views: 924

Mathematicians Working to Solve Challenge of Charging Millions of Electric Cars
Sichuan University researchers use algorithms that control resources in communications networks to assure power distribution to charge millions of electric cars, but there is a cost.
Total Page Views: 647

How Electric Car Owners Deal with 'Range Anxiety' Question
Armen Hareyan talks with six electric car owners on how they handle concerns over the range of their vehicles.
Total Page Views: 641

Is This Electric Car the Greatest American Product Yet?
Daniel Miller considers Tesla's Model S as possibly the finest product yet produced by an American company.
Total Page Views: 773

UK Campaign Seeks to Dispel Myths About Electric Cars
BMW, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall have teamed up with the UK government to back Go Ultra Low information campaign.
Total Page Views: 595

Tesla Supporters Rally In Washington State
Tesla criticizes efforts by the Washington State Auto Dealers Association to keep the company from expanding in the state.
Total Page Views: 722

Electric Cars: The Ultimate Convenience Machine
Beth McHenna, writing for Motley Fool, believes electric cars like those produced by Tesla will 'dethrone' gas cars because of their superior 'convenience.'
Total Page Views: 787

Protests Seek to Thwart Washington State Laws Preventing Local Tesla Sales
Tesla supporters rally in Olympia, the state capital, to protest attempts to restrict the sale of its electric cars in the state by franchise dealers and lawmakers.
Total Page Views: 520

RUMORED: Apple M&A Specialist In Talks with Tesla Motors
Apple's merger and acquisition chief Adrian Perica met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk last spring.
Total Page Views: 485

Mahindra Reva Cuts Price on e2o Electric Car
Up to Rs 1.7 lakh price cut ($2736US) based on battery leasing plan that charges the customer Rs 2,599 a month ($41.28US/month).
Total Page Views: 661

Company Claims Electric Scooter with Range of 140 Miles
ZEV's 6000L e-scooter reports a top speed of 61mph (100 km/h) and costs $4595.
Total Page Views: 1432

M1nsk Debuts Upa 500E Electric Moped
Powered by 500W electric motor and 48V lithium-ion battery, the pedal-equipped moped has a range up to 31 miles (50km).
Total Page Views: 587

Portugal Moves to Develop Light Electric Vehicle Industry
Aim is to focus on the production of electric-assist bicycles, e-scooters and LEVs for urban use.
Total Page Views: 437

Howard Hughes Builds An Electric Three-Wheeler
No, not that Howard Hughes, but this Aussie aircraft designer is applying his knowledge to three-wheeled electric vehicle that resembles stalled Aptera.
Total Page Views: 590

Wanxiang Acquires Fisker Automotive Assets, Including Delaware Plant
Auction pitting two Chinese investors ended up increasing the value of the company by $90 million, says Fisker Automotive's Chief Restructuring Officer.
Total Page Views: 500

Wrightspeed Develops Microturbine Hybrid Truck Drive
Wrightspeed hybrid-electric drive has been measured at 44 mpg, compared to Isuzu competitor's 12 mpg.
Total Page Views: 883

Walmart Reveals Hybrid-Electric Semi Concept
Streamlined concept is powered by 30kW Capstone Microturbine and Li-Poly batteries with an estimated 80 miles of EV-mode range and over 500 miles of hybrid range.
Total Page Views: 2498


London Minicab Operator Pulls Plug on BYD Electric Taxi Deal
Green Tomato Cars announced that the two companies had 'mutually decided that we will not pursue this venture further,' while another firm, Thriev, will use the Chinese-built electric cars.
Total Page Views: 996

UK Firm Offers Electric Flex Company Car Program
Fleet Evolution if offering corporate fleets a selection of low emission vehicles and electric cars as part of a salary sacrifice benefits package for employees.
Total Page Views: 673


If Utilities Aren't Careful, Distributed Renewables Are Going to Eat Their Lunch
Between warnings from the Economist and Amory Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute, large electric utilities have been warned, their current business model is being eclipsed by distributed renewables.
Total Page Views: 1560

Could Tesla and Apple Be Planning Gigawatt Battery Plant JV?
Seth Weintraub speculates that past talk of a Apple, Tesla merger might, in fact, be based, in part, on private talks the spring of 2013.
Total Page Views: 1367

UK E-Club Successfully Crowdfunds Electric Carshare
Latest crowdfunding round means that those Crowdcube shareholders have seen their shares in E-Car Club double.
Total Page Views: 703

Madrid, Spain City Council Employees Try Out Electric Cars
Four Nissan LEAFs will be rented for nine months in trial program at a rate of just €26.62 per month for each of the cars.
Total Page Views: 717

The Battle for the Soul of Public Transit
Two prominent transit authorities argue, one for utility (transit as a commodity) the other for delight (transit as an experience).
Total Page Views: 748

Mitsubishi Will Equip Pair of Electric Buses with MLiX Lithium Batteries
The 72-passenger 11 meter buses will be able to travel up to 80 kilometers (km) on a full charge with a top speed of 85 km/hr.
Total Page Views: 912

Korea Researchers Develop First Foldable Lithium-ion Battery
Key component is a liquefied polymer that is unaffected by the temperature volatility found in conventional lithium batteries.
Total Page Views: 753

New Battery Anode Emulates Pomegranate
Microemulsion seen as solving drawback to using silicon in anodes, which could mean a battery capable of storing 10 times more charge than
Total Page Views: 864

Solar Impulse Planning Two Stops in India in 'Round the World Flight
Switzerland-based Solar Impulse will attempt around the world flight on sunlight starting in 2015 and plans stops on west and east coasts of India.
Total Page Views: 866

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