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15 Feb 2014 - Bill Yerkes passes at age 79. His company pioneered the development of commercially -viable photovoltaics, beginning steady slide from cells costing $11 a watt to as little as a $1 today.


11 Feb 2014 - Two-part EV World Dialogues interview with Aerovironment's Wahid Nawabi on the company's new, small, more affordable and very portable smart electric car charging cord.


Official Tesla Motors corporate video highlights Los Angeles-to-New York City rally by 15-person team along US Interstates equipped with Tesla Supercharger stations. Also see story of less publicized Texas-to-Panama journey by Randy Denmon and Dean Lewis.


Bill Moore

Bill Moore


Some car companies just seem to have a knack for turning out really good television commercials for their electric cars. GM isn't one of them.


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Growing UK Charging Network Helping Drive LEAF Sales, Says Nissan
Nearly three quarters of all pure electric vehicles sold in the UK January 2014 were the Nissan LEAFs.
Total Page Views: 1214

Telsa Model S Catches Fire In Toronto
Car reportedly not plugged in at the time; owner had just returned from a drive.
Total Page Views: 1420

Malta Launches Electric Vehicle Incentive Program
A grant of €4,000 will be given to persons registering an electric car and €1,500 to those registering an electric quadricyle.
Total Page Views: 981

Race Driver Leilani Münter Charges Model S with Home's Solar Panels
Boulder, Colorado-based Main Street Power Company install 4.7kW solar PV array on North Carolina home of NASCAR driver Leilani Münter.
Total Page Views: 1854

Ohio Dealers Resume Political Drive to Outlaw Tesla Sales Model
Senate Bill 260 viewed by Tesla as proscribing 'a business model for an industry' and is 'protectionist in nature.'
Total Page Views: 782

An Electric Bicycle Like None You've Seen Before
Designed by Edward Kim, Benny Cemoli, and Stephan Mora, the INgSOC concept is designed to question current design convention.
Total Page Views: 2063

Toyota to Begin Wireless Electric-Drive Car Charging
The wireless system charges a vehicle parked over coil using magnetic-resonance technology; tests will be conducted in Aichi Prefecture.
Total Page Views: 949

Would You Watch Electric Cars Race?
Daniel Roberts looks at the FIA Formula E Championship that has attracted major sponsors and professional drivers, but the question remains, will it attract a large enough audience?
Total Page Views: 962

Light Electric Cargo Transporter to Launch in USA
Two-wheel electric-drive Kombi can carry 800 pounds and has top speed of 31 mph; it is intended for industrial and business campus use.
Total Page Views: 876

DENZA Selects ABB to Provide Electric Car Fast Chargers
The joint venture between BYD and Daimler will offer residential, wall-mounted fast chargers through its network of DENZA dealers.
Total Page Views: 843

400,000 E-Drive Vehicles Forecast to be Produced in 2014
Besides projecting a 67% increase in EV production, IHS Automotive also predicts that 35,000 public charging stations will be installed during 2014.
Total Page Views: 868

A123 Parent Wins Fisker Assets Auction
Wanxiang, which also owns A123 Technologies, tendered a bid valued at about $149.2 million, representing $126.2 million of cash, $8 million of assumed liabilities
Total Page Views: 651

Many Cadillac Dealers Opt to Not Sell ELR Electric Hybrid
410 Cadillac dealers will not sell the ELR due to low probability of selling the plug-in luxury hybrid sports coupe in small volume markets.
Total Page Views: 1009


Imagine a City Where No One Owns A Personal Car
Eric Jaffe considers the implications of the introduction and spread of autonomous vehicles in urban environments.
Total Page Views: 1038

Three Ominous Signs the Planet Is Retreating on Climate Warming Fight
Michael Klare, author of 'Race for What's Left' discusses what it will take to resist the attraction of burning evermore carbon.
Total Page Views: 1172


NASA Program Finds EV Emissions 10X Better Than Anticipated
The average car puts out about a pound of carbon dioxide per mile, but NASA's program is reducing that by 3/5ths by letting employees plug-in at the Kennedy Space Center.
Total Page Views: 1157

NASA, ARPA-E to Collaborate on Advanced EV Battery Tech
The overall goal is to create inexpensive, low-carbon emission power sources for automobiles and other vehicles.
Total Page Views: 852

Comparing Your Electric-Drive Vehicle Choices
Josh Goldman compares the various electric-drive vehicle choices increasingly available to consumers from hybrids to fuel cell EVs.
Total Page Views: 901

Connecticut to Recognize Top-Selling EV, PHEV Dealers
Connecticut Revolutionary Dealer Award will be presented to the dealer that sells or leases the highest number of new EVs
Total Page Views: 691

What the Release of Mikhail Khodorkovsky Says About Peak Oil
OpEd by the staff of energy publishing house PennWell sees link between the end of 'cheap oil' and the Russian government's release of Putin foe on eve of Sochi Winter Olympics.
Total Page Views: 799

US National Ignition Facility Announces Major Fusion Breakthrough
For a brief moment, the NIF's 192 laser beams can focus 500 trillion watts of power on hydrogen fuel target, producing 'significant amounts of fusion.'
Total Page Views: 705

How Commuter Trains Are Stabilizing the Grid
Aided by supercapacitor technology, trains are using regenerative braking to not only slow, but to put power back into the local grid.
Total Page Views: 646

Grantham Predicts Wind, Solar Power to Replace Fossil Fuels within Decades
Founder of $100 billion hedge funds manager GMO Capital believes the only question is time, whether it takes 30 years or 70 years.
Total Page Views: 2329

Cars Kill... With Their Tailpipes
Vehicle tailpipe emissions cause more deaths than electric power generation, MIT Study finds.
Total Page Views: 727

Austin Plans Crack-down on Charge Station Squaters
Parking illegally in spots reserved for electric car charging can result in a $30 fine.
Total Page Views: 689


2014: The Year Electric Cars Become Cool
A stream of new and exciting electric-drive cars are slated to arrive in 2014 that are 'are redefining the electric vehicle as the fashionable choice.'
Total Page Views: 1465

Electric Cars: Only a 'Spark of Genius' Away from Public Acceptance
RTE's Science & Technology Correspondent Will Goodbody takes a pair of electric cars for test drives in Ireland, where more than 700 public charging stations are available.
Total Page Views: 712

Why Drivers in Beijing Resist Buying Electric Cars
Angelo Young considers the reasons why, despite dangerous levels of air pollution, why residents of Beijing, and other Chinese cities, are reluctant to buy electric cars.
Total Page Views: 922

Nissan LEAF Is 2013 Leader European in Electric Car Sales
2013 Leaf sales in Europe totaled 10,885 units, while Renault Zoe managed 8,858 cars.
Total Page Views: 740

Honda Considering Hybrid Odyssey Minivan
Proposed hybrid Odyssey minivan could use 50 percent less fuel using as little as 3.8 liters/100 km, or the US equivalent of more than 60 mpg.
Total Page Views: 1059

Test Drive: Audi A3 e-tron Plug-In Hybrid
David Undercoffler concludes the A3 e-tron's success will depend on how Audi prices the electric hybrid that has an EV-range of up to 30+ miles.
Total Page Views: 1466

Toyota to Recall 1.9 Million Prius Hybrids
Largest recall to date is for software glitch that can cause the vehicle to slow down suddenly. Report does not identify model years.
Total Page Views: 726

Firms Form Next-Generation Lithium Battery Joint Venture
Robert Bosch GmbH, GS Yuasa International Ltd., and Mitsubishi Corporationset up a joint venture known as Lithium Energy and Power GmbH to be based in Stuttgart, Germany
Total Page Views: 835

A123, Boston-Power Have Stakes in Fisker Auction
Besides supplying the Karma with its batteries, A123 was bought by Wanxiang's US unit, while Boston-Power has partnered with Hybrid Tech, the other key bidder in the bankrupt luxury plug-in carmaker.
Total Page Views: 823

Better Battery Technology Key to Climate Change
To move beyond fossil fuels, we need an effective, affordable way to store renewable energy, writes John Kemp.
Total Page Views: 726

Anti-ship Fouling Polymer Could Create Nonflammable Lithium Batteries
Perfluoropolyether or PFPE exhibits very interesting properties beyond its nonflammable characteristics, including good ion transport.
Total Page Views: 504

Hydrogen Generation from Artificial Photosynthesis Achieves New Milestone
HyperSolar announces a 1.2V milestone in quest for 1.5V open circuit voltage necessary to splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Total Page Views: 1008

Isle of Wight Prepares for Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure
ITM Power will install four 80 kg/day vehicle refueling stations and one 15 kg/day marine refuelling station.
Total Page Views: 588

Isle of Man Motorcycle Racing to Pit Electric Bikes Against Gas
Goal is to get more electric motorcycles on the road and using the Isle of Man competition seen as a way to promote the technology and public awareness.
Total Page Views: 564

Mugen to Field Third-Gen Electric Motorcycle at 2014 TT Zero Race
Mugen's third-generation electric motorcycle will be ridden by John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey on this Spring on Isle of Man.
Total Page Views: 972

Racing First: Electric Motorcycles to Race with Petrol Models on Isle of Man
After several years of racing separately from their gasoline bike competitors, three races on the Isle of Man will also feature electric models.
Total Page Views: 674


Yes Virginia, Electric Cars Do Have Issues
In truth, electric cars only solve one particular issue, writes blogger: tailpipe emissions; they don't really address a host of other problems.
Total Page Views: 1148

China's New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Extension Jump Starts Tesla, Kandi Share Prices
Tesla jumped more than 6% in Monday afternoon trading on the stock market today. Kandi, which trades on the NYSE exchange in the U.S., soared 11%.
Total Page Views: 769

Beijing's Electric Taxi Drivers Experiencing Operational Problems
There are around 1,150 electric taxis roaming the districts of Beijing, with a total of 539 charging stations, but queues to recharge take up to six hours.
Total Page Views: 1108

How Tesla Aims to Compete in China
While the electric car market in China is lackluster, it also suggests that Tesla will have few and any real local competitors.
Total Page Views: 685

Tesla Announces Pricing on Model S in Hong Kong
60kWh Model will start at HK$579,000 (US$74,649.96), while the 85kWh version will start at HK$761,800 (US$98,218.20).
Total Page Views: 737

All-electric Cars Competing with Plug-In Hybrids for So. California's Charge Stations
Plug-in hybrid owners of Chevy Volts find they can cut their operating costs by using free electricity, tying up charge stations, preventing all-electrics being able to charge.
Total Page Views: 968

What Pecan Street EV Owners Think About Their Electric Cars
Research results of survey of 68 owners of Volts, Leafs, i-MiEV and Tesla Model S find a high level of satisfaction.
Total Page Views: 807

Yes, Electric Cars Are Ready for the Prime Time!
Jeremy Laird argues 'The world is ready for electric cars, it just doesn't know it.'
Total Page Views: 968


Renault Joins Autonomous Self-Driving Electric Car Parade
Renault Nissan Alliance chairman Carlos Ghosn demonstrates the French partner's self-driving Next Two ZOE electric car.
Total Page Views: 1294

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Generating Buzz in Ireland
The estimated price of the Outlander PHEV, which has an 50 km EV-range, will be €44,000 to €45,000, or about 10 per cent more than the diesel option.
Total Page Views: 976

Toyota Confident of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Strategy
Joint Toyota-USC study finds that fewer than 70 hydrogen refueling stations will be sufficient to handle up to 10,000 fuel cell vehicles in California.
Total Page Views: 769

Porsche to Introduce Electric Hybrid Cayenne in 2014
Plug-in version of 2015 Cayanne SUV reportedly will have EV-mode driving range of up to 22 miles and likely will use similar technology found in Panamera PHEV.
Total Page Views: 1260

Telsa's Next Challenge: Turn #5 Ranking Into More Powerful Brand
Tesla's #5 brand ranking can help it sell more cars, but it also needs to introduce more consumer affordable models, writes Daniel Kline for Motley Fool.
Total Page Views: 820

Jamaica, Other Caribbean Nations Urged to Reduce Hybrid, EV Import Duties
Lowering duties seen as spurring the sale of more fuel efficient motor vehicles.
Total Page Views: 669

Nottingham Moves to Complete Electrification of Transit Fleet
Nottingham City Council will use £1.5m of government funding to purchase additional 11 electric-buses, bringing zero-emission fleet up to 50 vhiecles.
Total Page Views: 768

Mahindra Debuts Redesigned 2014 Verito Electric Prototype
Maximum range of Verito reportedly 80 km with a top speed of 85 km/h.
Total Page Views: 799

Patents Seen As Keys to Fisker Karma Bidding War
Fisker’s 18 patents cover grille designs, a fender vent and electric-vehicle drivetrain technology,with at least another 18 patents pending.
Total Page Views: 768

China to Extend Electric Vehicle Subsidies to Fight Urban Air Pollution
Electric vehicles including transit buses seen by China's leadership as important to helping tackle nation's serious air pollution problems.
Total Page Views: 765

Malaysian Transit Service Orders 15 BYD K9 Electric Buses
15 BYD electric buses will be operated Kuala Lumpur’s first BRT line exclusively for electric buses .
Total Page Views: 1488


Wireless Bus System Goes Into Year-long Trials in UK
Eight buses will travel a 15-mile route between the English suburbs of Wolverton and Bletchley; using wireless charging, a 10-minute layover will provide two-thirds needed energy for entire route.
Total Page Views: 1681

Alcoa, Israel-based Phinergy Plan Aluminum-Air Battery Joint Venture
Alcoa said it expects the new technology can extend electric vehicle range by about 1,000 miles.
Total Page Views: 1811

Used Tesla Model S Electric Cars Selling for More Than New
ISeeCars.com finds that the average used Model S is selling for $99,734, nearly $10,000 more than a brand new model... if you can get one.
Total Page Views: 1287

What Carsharing, Social Trends Mean to Auto Industry
The growth of carsharing services is starting to have a small but noticeable impact on the auto industry, new research finds.
Total Page Views: 1027

Fewer US Households Driving These Days
List of top ten cities with the fewest cars per household includes one's you'd expect: New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., but also Milwaukee and Detroit.
Total Page Views: 733

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