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30 Jan 2014 - Three-part Skype video interview with The Creative Workshop's Jason Wenig on the creation of the circa 1910 electric touring car for New York City's Central Park.


Hollywood celebrities Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger conduct experiment to see if they can live off the water produced by a Mecedes-Benz F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell car while exploring California's Death Valley


Steve Stollman

Steve Stollman


Newspapers may be struggling, news networks may have abandoned serious journalism for entertainment, but the Underground Press of the '60s appears to be alive and well in the URLiverse of blogs and forums.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore


Even Vatican press is reporting on a supposed lunar anomaly that's been discovered on the far side of the moon, but is it just another trick of light, and what about the 60 mile-long dirt track near the Apollo 15 landing site?


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Hollywood Stars Defy Death Valley in Mercedes Fuel Cell Car
Hollywood stars Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson take Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell fuel cell car into California's Death Valley to see if they can live off the water it produces.
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Clearing the Air on Electric Vehicles & Air Pollution in America
NRDC's Roland Hwang finds that media reports regarding a recent North Carolina State University study are misleading, reporting the opposite of that the study found.
Total Page Views: 1012

Big Oil's Big Problem: Increasingly Expensive Production Costs
The world’s major oil companies all suffer from some version of the same problem: They’re spending more money to produce less oil.
Total Page Views: 978


French Put Fuel Cell Range Extender to the Test
With a full battery charge and 1.72kg of compressed hydrogen of board, total range for the hydrogen range-extender Renaults is 200 miles.
Total Page Views: 1457

UK Government Continues Its Support for Electric Vehicles
UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg asserts there is 'no date in the diary' for stopping electric car subsidies, which can be up to £5,000 for cars and £8,000 for vans.
Total Page Views: 763

Review: 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid
2014 Pathfinder Hybrid represents company's re-immersion into the hybrid car market with its chief competitor being the Toyota Highlander Hybrid.
Total Page Views: 717

NASA Electric Car Program Demonstrated Great CO2 Reductions Than Anticipated
Program that lets employees charge at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is showing greenhouse gas emissions ten times greater than anticipated.
Total Page Views: 801

Telsa Model S Won't Qualify for China's Electric Car Incentives
Government subsides worth $19,000USD can cut the $61,100 price of BYD's e6 electric car, but can't be applied to Tesla's Model S, which carries a base price of $121,000USD.
Total Page Views: 975

'Truck Belt' Georgia Ranks Fourth in Electric Car Adoption
Georgia ranks behind Washington state, Hawaii and California in electric car registrations with the most popular being Nissan's LEAF.
Total Page Views: 774

Sequoia Equities, NRG Partner on EV Charging for Multi-family Buildings
28 apartment communities across California will be equipped with 240-Volt Level 2 electric car charging stations.
Total Page Views: 612

Porsche's First Motorcar Was... Yes... Electric
Designed when Porsche was 22, the P1 was powered by a 5-hp electric motor and had a range up to 49 miles and top speed of 21 mph.
Total Page Views: 775


Test Drive: Infiniti QX60 Hybrid
Driving's Brian Harper tests drives the QX60 hybrid and concludes that the biggest change he'd like to see is the introduction of a diesel for the gasoline engine.
Total Page Views: 1151

Review: Cadillac ELR Luxury Electric Hybrid
Detroit Free Press' Mark Phelan reviews Cadillac's high-end luxury electric hybrid sports coupe.
Total Page Views: 653

100 BYD Qin Electric Hybrids Sold Within Two Seconds
Within moments of the plug-in hybrid going on sale online, 6,000 people registered to order the car and 4,155 tried to purchase the new model.
Total Page Views: 894

BYD, Singapore Institute to Develop Autonomous Electric Car Systems
Singapore's Institute for Infocomm Research and China's BYD will develop over 100 electric smart cars for test-bedding in Singapore.
Total Page Views: 745

Plug-In Hybrids and Natural Gas: The Future of Auto Propulsion
John Goreham sees a natural marriage between plug-in hybrid drive systems fueled by compressed natural gas.
Total Page Views: 757

Redesigned VW Polo May Incorporate Plug-In Electric Hybrid Drive
Developing a plug-in hybrid system in a supermini that can be sold at a competitive cost could prove to be a challenge in a market segment with narrow profit margins.
Total Page Views: 983

America's Smartest Cities Have Fewest Car Owners
The Atlantic finds a correlation between the education levels of American cities and the percentage of car owners.
Total Page Views: 652

NYC Carriage Drivers: Electric Cars Are Not Like Horses
Carriage driver perspective on replacing their animals with period electric touring cars.
Total Page Views: 661


Want Electric Cars to Catch On With the Public? Upgrade Their Image
Cardiff University's Paul Nieuwenhuis thinks electric cars need to be re-imaged away from their 'puritanical' perception by the public.
Total Page Views: 1139

Norway Considering Reducing, Eliminating Electric Car Incentives
Spectacular success of electric cars in Norway where 21,000 are now registered likely will see a reduction or elimination of incentives once 50,000 have been registered.
Total Page Views: 845

Hertfordshire E-Car Club Launches with Nissan LEAF Electric Cars
University of Hertfordshire E-Car Club members can hire an Nissan LEAF for just £5.50 per hour.
Total Page Views: 939

Honda Micro-Car Said to be Gaining Popularity in Japan
MC-B can be charged by solar energy and is part of the CO2-free city of Miyakojima program.
Total Page Views: 953

UK Retailer Tesco Expands Electric Bicycle Offering
Company now offering a range of Hopper electric-assist bicycle ranging from £380 to £490.
Total Page Views: 850

E-Bikes To Dominates Light Electric Vehicle Sales
IDTechEx paid report anticipates annual sales of 130 million e-bikes by 2025 with most sales concentrated in Europe, Japan and China.
Total Page Views: 1017

Canadian Bikeshare System Struggling to Survive
Does Bixi's financial problems, stemming from cities withholding payments, signal the beginning of the end of America's bikeshare experiment? asks Time's Christopher Matthews.
Total Page Views: 722


Forecast: $3 Billion Secondary-Life Battery Market by 2035
Battery manufacturers anticipate that automotive batteries will retain 80% of the original capacity, on average, offering opportunity for stationary applications.
Total Page Views: 1821

Low-Speed Electric Car Sales Taking Off in China
The annual sales of low-speed electric vehicles in China hit 200,000 in 2013, climbing from less than 20,000 in 2009.
Total Page Views: 1473

Eight More Drivers Sign On for Formula E Race Series
Formula E plans 10 races over several months starting with a race in Beijing in mid-September and ending with a race in London in mid-2015.
Total Page Views: 710

Formula One Racers Are Now State-of-the-Art Hybrids
Energy recovery systems appearing this season on Formula One racers have yet to appear on consumer cars.
Total Page Views: 859

Flywheels: Alternatives to Hybrid Car Batteries?
Using recovered kinetic energy, flywheels like those now being used in Formula One race cars can improve the fuel efficiency and performance of ICE vehicles.
Total Page Views: 1887

Review: VW Golf GTE Electric Hybrid
The VW Golf GTE will utilize technology similar to that used in the Audi A3 e-tron, offering EV-mode range of up to 31 miles.
Total Page Views: 1394

Nissan Reveals Revolutionary New Engine for ZEOD Le Mans Racer
New 3-cylinder, turbocharged engine that will co-power Nissans ZEOD hybrid electric Le Mans entry this year has a better power-to-weight ratio than the new engines to be used in Formula 1 this year.
Total Page Views: 1036

The Colder It Gets, the Greater the Savings When Driving an Electric Car
UK's FleetCarma does their analysis of what happens as winter weather plummets temperatures to below freezing.
Total Page Views: 2318

Historic EV Foundation Supports Route 66 National Electric Highway
Project would transform historic Route 66 into America's first electric highway.
Total Page Views: 1600

Thriev Adds 20 BYD e6 Electric Taxis to London Fleet
Thriev is the second London taxi service to introduce BYD's e6 electric cars.
Total Page Views: 1840

Toyota By-Passing Lithium for Solid State Batteries
Future first wave of production of solid-state batteries should deliver an electric vehicle driving range of at least 500 kilometers, or 300 miles.
Total Page Views: 2808

Are 'Carless' Cities the Wave of the Future?
Detroit Bureau's Paul Eisenstein investigates the phenomenon of more cities exploring the feasibility of going car-free, from Santa Monica to Hamburg, Germany.
Total Page Views: 796

Actually, Electric Cars Are Good for the Planet
Slate's Will Oremus does what most headline writers didn't bother to do: he actually talked to Joseph F. DeCarolis, the co-author of the paper on electric car emissions.
Total Page Views: 756

2025: Year of the Battery Singularity?
The point where batteries replace gasoline but at lower lifetime costs, is the singularity point where they completely replace combustion engines.
Total Page Views: 1058

Tesla Completes US Transcontinental Supercharger Network
Supercharger network now enables LA-to-NYC trips, including scenic route across the Dakotas.
Total Page Views: 830

Ryno Electric Unicycle: Safer Than It Looks
Wired's Tim Moynihan reviews the electric, self-balancing unicycle.
Total Page Views: 902


Royal Marine Launches Saiettas Electric Motorcycle
Telegraph profiles founder and CEO of Agility, creators of the Saiettas Electric Motorcycle.
Total Page Views: 1249

Looks Who's Taking a Serious Look at Electric Car Charging Station Installations
Real estate investment trusts, REITs, the folks who build and operate shopping malls, that's who.
Total Page Views: 821

Tesla's Competitors Aren't Other Electric Cars
According to Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connel its chief competitors are gasoline cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which means the market is a lot larger than some think.
Total Page Views: 1091

Iran Carmaker to Introduce Plug-In Hybrid Runna
FNA reports that Iran Khodro Powertrain Co. has completed development work on 'National Hybrid Car' plug-in drive train for use in Hybrid Runna, which will have EV-mode range of 70-80 km.
Total Page Views: 925

Hyundai Planning 2015 Launch of Electric Hybird
It also plans to introduce 'electronic version' of Kia Soul and a mid-sized electric car in early 2015.
Total Page Views: 959

Toyota's Strategy to Dominate China's Hybrid Car Market
Of the 22 million cars sold in China last year, only 3,000 of them were hybrids, Toyota aims to change that situation.
Total Page Views: 1547

Despite Doubters, Toyota Presses Ahead with Fuel Cells
While the cost of a hydrogen refuel station infrastructure might be as high as $2 million, Toyota's Bob Carter thinks that number is 'misleading.'
Total Page Views: 1088

Are We Ready for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars?
Hopes are high, but so is skepticism on the future of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, reports the Washington Post.
Total Page Views: 924

BMW Expecting US Demand for i3 Electric Car Will Outpace Supply
BMW already has 1,000 'hand-raisers' in North America who indicate they want to purchase the i3 compact electric car.
Total Page Views: 1374

Test Drive: Volkswagen e-Up!
Digital Spy's Hunter Skipworth reviews the e-Up! and finds it 'all an electric car needs to be.'
Total Page Views: 902

Electric Cars Can Hold A Charge, But - For Now - Not Their Value
Casey Williams considers the reasons why - for now - electric drive car resale values are projected to be low compared to their gasoline or hybrid competitors.
Total Page Views: 901

Electric Cars Are A Bargain
Washington state resident Pat Campbell defends his electric car from charges that he'd not paying his fair share of road taxes.
Total Page Views: 1235

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