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19 Jun 2014 - Qualcomm's Senior Marketing Director in Europe, Joe Barrett brings EV World up-to-speed on the development of the firms Halo wireless charging technology and its role in the upcoming Formula E racing series starting in September 2014.


Third round of 2014 FIA Formula E electric car race in Punte del Este, Uruguay

Bill Moore

Bill Moore


If a hurricane is bearing down on your city and you're ordered to evacuate, will that electric car leave you stranded alongside of the road?

Joshua Levin

Joshua Levin


This is a list of upcoming events of interest, both for technical people, and for the general public.  Two links to my own website, and link the EV-World’s Industrial Calendar and other web pages listing upcoming events, are given.


How the Motor Car Saved the City

Eric Morris essay chronicles how the invention of the automobile in the late 1890s spared the world's growing cities from drowning in a tsunami of horse manure and urine.


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Californian's Buy EVs to Save Money on Fuel, Not the Environment
37% of respondents to CCSE administered survey indicated the primary motivation for their EV purchase was to save money on fuel, while 21% gave reduced environmental impact as primary driver.
Total Page Views: 587

Massachusetts $2,500 EV Rebate Program Kicks Off
Rebate program is part of several state initiative to insure that 15% of all new cars sold by 2025 are powered by clean energy.
Total Page Views: 518


California Community Approves Plans for Electric Car Service Stations
Los Gatos Town Council will allow EV service and repair stations to locate in areas where gas stations and repair shops are already permitted.
Total Page Views: 530

NADA Report Sides with Car Dealers in Tesla Dispute
National Automobile Dealers Association commissioned report predictably asserts that franchised car dealers provide significant benefits to consumers and carmakers.
Total Page Views: 514

Car Charging Group to Integrate Tesla EV Charging Technology into Blink Network
Under the plan, Blink chargers will offer connectors for J1772, CHAdeMO and now Tesla vehicles.
Total Page Views: 928

Honda Electric Car Drives Itself to Home Charger
Honda engineers are developing a Fit EV that automatically positions itself over a wireless charging coil.
Total Page Views: 570

Tata Developing Nano e-rev Electric Car
Designation of Nano as an 'e-rev' suggests the car will be electric with a small gasoline engine to extend its range similar to the BMW i3 REx.
Total Page Views: 661

Detroit Electric Issues Production Advisory on SP:01 Electric Sports Car
Company confirms they are completing dynamic testing of pure-electric sportscar.
Total Page Views: 2132

Dutch Firm Debuts Carice MK1 Electric Roadster
Resembling a Porsche 550 Spyder roadster from the 1950s, weighs a mere 350 kg (771 lbs) and will sell for €26,620 including vat.
Total Page Views: 656

Local Motors Strati Lays Claim to First 3D Printed Electric Car
Full-sized vehicle being printed using BAAM machine that is reportedly 200-500 times faster and capable of printing polymer components 10 times larger than most of today's 3-D printers.
Total Page Views: 1772

Columbia, Missouri Commission Studies Future Role of Electric Bicycles
Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission considers revision of city code to allow low-powered electric bikes on bikes trails and lanes.
Total Page Views: 478

Study Concludes the Obvious: Separate Bike Lanes are Safer
Grist's sardonic view of Portland State University's study that finds "cyclists traveling in car-free and protected bike lanes felt safer."
Total Page Views: 409

Ms. Braccini's New Hybrid Is An Electric Bicycle
Sophie Braccini substitutes a Kalkhoff electric bicycle for her Toyota Prius.
Total Page Views: 601

Ocean City Boardwalk Focus of E-Trike, E-Bike Rental Ventures
Ocean City code forbids the use of any nongovernmental motor vehicle, including motor-assisted bikes and Trikkes from operation on the boardwalk without city permission.
Total Page Views: 594

Dutch Launch TWIN Program to Promote Introduction of Electric Bicycles
The Twowheel Innovation Network (TWIN) project aims for developing European training on electric bicycles for dealers and their mechanics.
Total Page Views: 456

Popular Mechanics Rides Specialized's Turbo eBike
Priced at $5,900, the Turbo uses a 'loophole' to circumvent federal regulations that limit e-bikes to 20 mph.
Total Page Views: 1240

German Haibike Electric Bicycle Arrives in America
The first Haibike models to arrive in the USA are the Haibike XDURO RX 29 and the Haibike XDURO FS RX, both powered by Bosch mid-motors.
Total Page Views: 829

Skoda Expands Cycle Line, Including New Electric Model
Powered by a BionX 250W electric hub motor, the 21.7 kg bike has an estimated range on its battery of 105 km.
Total Page Views: 635

LA Police Department Buys Zero Electric Motorcycle
Cost savings - it takes just 50¢ worth of electricity to charge - maintenance-free powertrain, and minimal environmental impact cited as key factors in purchase.
Total Page Views: 717

Harley-Davidson's Big Surprise: Debuts Electric 'LiveWire' Superbike
110-year-old motorcycle legend introduces its first all-electric superbike, dubbed the LiveWire. 22 will be displayed on US-wide road show.
Total Page Views: 785


Top Ten 'Best Value' Cars Include Toyota Prius
Toyota's Prius hybrid sedan, Toyota Highlander crossover SUV and the Toyota Camry midsize sedan lead the list of 10 vehicles
Total Page Views: 668

Consumer Reports Survey Finds Electric Cars Notably Reliable, PHEV's Less So
Survey finds that battery-electric vehicles may have fared well in terms of reliability, but adding a gasoline engine into the mix has a detrimental impact on it, especially Ford's C-Max Energi.
Total Page Views: 740

Three Reasons For Critics to Hate Tesla This Week
Tamara Rutter, who owns shares of Tesla Motors, takes tongue-in-cheek delight in noting three key business developments that positively impacted the company this week.
Total Page Views: 680

Hertz Joins ZEM2ALL Electric Mobility Project in Spain
Zem2All provides access to Nissan LEAF electric cars and public charging stations in the Spanish city of Malaga.
Total Page Views: 430

Comparing the Chevrolet Volt to BMW's Range-Extended i3 Electric Car
Both cars mate an gasoline engine to an electric drive, but there the similarity ends, finds Luke Ottaway in comparing the two, similarly priced electric-drive cars.
Total Page Views: 717

Chevy Volts Run Up Half Billion All-Electric Miles
Volt owners who charge regularly typically drive more than 970 miles between fill-ups and visit the gas station less than once a month.
Total Page Views: 470

Here's Why Tesla Stock Continues to Shine
Three recent events have bolstered the value of Tesla Motor shares on Wall Street a good solid 9% in just one day.
Total Page Views: 469

Nissan Rumored Also In Technology Sharing Talks to Tesla
BMW acknowledges talking with Tesla about technology collaboration. Now we learn that talks also may now include Nissan.
Total Page Views: 442

How Ford Miscalculated the Mileage of the C-Max Hybrid
Sebastian Blanco delves into the three mistakes that Ford engineers made in arriving at a mileage rating that didn't reflect the car's real world performance.
Total Page Views: 574


Bentley Will Launch Electric Hybrid, Then Diesel Model
While no specifics have been announced, speculation cetners of the electric mode driving range is somewhere around 25 km.
Total Page Views: 654

Price of BMW i8 Pegged in Australia At AUD$300K
Priced at AUD$299,000 plus on-road costs, the i8 costs almost $8000 more than BMW's current sports flagship, the M6 Coupe.
Total Page Views: 578

Vermont Offers $500 Voucher for Electric Car Buyers
With eight different plug-in models now available in Vermont, buyers will receive an instant $500 price reduction at listed dealers.
Total Page Views: 471

In Norway, Electric Car Sales Driven By the Krone, Not the Environment
With the highest concentration of electric cars per capita, the biggest attraction for many Norwegians are tax breaks, incentives and perks that electric car drivers receive.
Total Page Views: 544

Mayor of South African City Gets Behind Wheel of Nissan LEAF
Kgosientso Ramokgopa, the mayor of Tshwane will test drive the electric car for the next two months.
Total Page Views: 507

Living With An Electric Car in London Has Its Challenges
Simon Rockman finds that London's charging infrastructure is starting to get cluttered by more and more electric cars, making it risky to run out of juice.
Total Page Views: 458

Tesla Now One Step Away From Resuming Sales in New Jersey
The New Jersey State Assembly unanimously approves bill to allow zero-emission car makers to sell cars directly to consumers in the state.
Total Page Views: 834

The Electric Car Future Knocking on America's Door
Martin Blanc analyzes the prospects for electric cars in America and the obstacles they face with consumers, dealers, and infrastructure.
Total Page Views: 675

'Skip the Gas, Save the Cash' : Study Finds $16k in EV Fleet Savings
Plug-In BC study finds that operating electric vehicles over fixed fleet routes save an estimated $16,000 per vehicle.
Total Page Views: 1505

The Approaching 'Tectonic' Shift in Transportation
Smartphones, carsharing and electric cars that can drive themselves are on the verge of changing how we drive and what we drive.
Total Page Views: 516

Japan Investment Bank Sees Promising Growth of Electric Cars in China
Nomura Investment Bank offers its appraisal of the prospects for the growth of electric hybrids like BYD's Qin and Tesla's Model S.
Total Page Views: 818

LG Chem to Supply Batteries to SAIC Motor Corp and Qoros
Latest agreement now gives South Korean battery maker a total of four Chinese auto maker customers. In the USA, it provides cells to General Motors for the Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR.
Total Page Views: 812

China Dynamics Name Change Reflects Strategic Shift to Electric Car Battery Market
Sinocop Resources, which originally focusd on metals and mineral trading changes its name to China Dynamics and announces it will concentrate its resources on 'the enormous potential of the electric-vehicle market.'
Total Page Views: 640


Tesla, Ganfeng Lithium Strategically Shift to Vertical Integration
Tesla aims to build it Gigafactories to secure a steady, low-cost source of battery cells in the USA, while in China Gangfeng Lithium is in the process of buying a battery company.
Total Page Views: 568

Tesla Opens Its Patents to the World
Taking an open source position on Tesla's patents, Musk believes, will accelerate the development of electric cars, which are needed to slow the 'carbon crisis.'
Total Page Views: 448

Why Tesla's Open Source Patent Announcement Is Good For EV Industry.. and Tesla
Tesla needs the electric car market to grow in order to insure its own future, writes Matt Rhodes.
Total Page Views: 588

Mechanical Problems Stymie Porsche's Le Mans Aspirations
Despite a strong performance for much of the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans, twin powertrain breakdowns, force Porsche's powerful 919 hybrids out of the race with less than four hours to go.
Total Page Views: 952

F1 Legend Williams Branches Out to Engineering Electric-Drive Systems
As racing increasingly electrifies from Le Mans to Formula E, the highly-respected engineering firm is hiring more engineers to expand its consultancy business.
Total Page Views: 897

Ohio State Wins EcoCAR 2 Challenge
Winning design integrated energy storage, electric drive and ethanol (E85) fueled engine technology into a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu.
Total Page Views: 574

Researchers Develop Fuel Cell For Electric Cars, Planes
Solid-oxide fuel cell is able to covert fuels like jet fuel and gasoline to generate electric power for airplanes and electric cars.
Total Page Views: 558

FAA Grants AeroVironment, British Petroleum Permission for First Commercial Use of UAV Over US Territory
Puma AE unmanned aircraft system is equipped to provide mapping capabilities for BP Exploration at its Prudhoe Bay oil field over the next five years.
Total Page Views: 944

AMP EVs, U of Cincinnati Collaborate on HorseFly Package Delivery Drone
Delivery via truck costs around 60 cents per mile, compared to estimated cost of two cents a mile via HorseFly octocopter drone.
Total Page Views: 482

Swiss Demonstrate Flash-Charged E-Trolly
133-passenger articulated electric trolley bus can be charged in just 15-seconds using robotics developed by ABB.
Total Page Views: 744

Nissan Issues Second Recall on LEAF Electric Car
A small number of LEAF electric cars assembled over a 10-day period in April may have an out -of-spec control circuit board installed, prompting Nissan to issue a voluntary recall.
Total Page Views: 649

ZAP Announces EV Conversion Deal with Lishen
Tianjin Battery Company Ltd's Lishen brand will provide financing for several thousand electric delivery fleet conversions for the USA market.
Total Page Views: 740


'Plasma Boy' & Company Building 750 HP Electric Mustang
John Wayland, otherwise known as 'Plasma Boy' has partnered with Mitch Medford, forming Bloodshed Motors, to build high-powered, all-electric Mustangs able to do 0-60 in 3 seconds!
Total Page Views: 772

BMW, Tesla Confirm Talks in Wake of Musk's Open Source Patent Announcement
With both companies expressing strong commitment to electrification of motor vehicles, BMW confirmed that it is interested in Tesla's Supercharger rapid charging technology, for starters.
Total Page Views: 603

Toyota, BMW Collaborate on 'Silk Road 2
The Toyota/BMW two-seater will be the first electric hybrid sports car to utilize a six-cylinder engine, with debut date in late 2018 or 2019.
Total Page Views: 1122

TS 040 Technology to Find Its Way Into Next Gen. Prius
The strong performance of Toyota's LMP1 race cars using supercapacitors, especially in capturing breaking energy, will find its way into future Prius hybrids.
Total Page Views: 610

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Attracting Competitor's Customers
Holdcroft Mitsubishi, like other UK dealers are discovering intense interest in the Outlander electric hybrid SUV, bringing in owners of Honda CR-Vs, Toyota and Lexus models.
Total Page Views: 547

Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-ins 'Marching' Out the Door in UK
Duxford Motor Group has seen this level of interest and sales in a car in 35 years, propelled by the PHEV's real world mpg, operating costs and battery powered 72 mph speed.
Total Page Views: 471

Volvo XC90 PHEV Headed for Australia as Early as 2015
The electric hybrid version of the Volvo crossover will be introduced as a premium-priced vehicle.
Total Page Views: 840


Renault Twizy Poses Dilema for Singapore Land Transport Authority
The two-passenger, open cabin electric runabout doesn't currently fit into Singapore LTA's vehicle classification system.
Total Page Views: 2070

Car Club in Scotland Receives £1 Million for Electric Cars
At present 4% of cars in Scotland's car clubs are electric, while another 10% are hybrids.
Total Page Views: 514

Revised Message to British Drivers: Electric Cars Are Cheap to Run
The message to consumers in Britain is less about saving the planet by driving electric and more about their low cost of operation compared to petrol.
Total Page Views: 552

True Test of Friendship: Will They Let You Plug In Your Electric Car?
Edward Stephens discovers the true meaning of friendship when he goes hunting for a plug to recharge the Volvo V60 Hybrid.
Total Page Views: 700

Minnesota Mandates Low-Cost Electricity Rates for Electric Cars
Bipartisan bill will ensure that more than 1.3 million Minnesotan households access to discounted electricity tariffs to lower the cost of electric car recharging.
Total Page Views: 601

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