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Dec 14, 2017

With all the choices how can you find the best Electric Vehicle for you?

This decade has the most choices for an Electric Vehicle in History. With so many choices how can you find the best one for you? In my opinion it's like many other choices. You first have to determine your real needs and then match it to a vehicle. That sounds simple but I'd also say many people haven't done that. Instead they try to get a vehicle that can do everything so they get a BIG SUV. Then when costs add up they get upset. Let's try this a step at a time.

1- How far do you travel in a day?

Hint don't consider the 2 times you go out of state since you could fly or take a bus or even rent a vehicle for that one or two time purpose. In fact you may have more than 1 vehicle.

2- How many people do you normally carry with you in a vehicle?

Hint don't could the one time a month you took all the neighbor kids to a theme park. You could borrow or rent a vehicle for that time or two.

3- How much stuff do you carry in your vehicle on each trip ?

Hint Again don't count the one or two times you carried extra things for a one time a year project.

4- How much can you afford for a vehicle?

Be sure to add up all the expenses like fuel, maintenance, parts, insurance ,parking etc

5- Since many people have more than one vehicle make sure that's is in your answers to all of these questions. In fact many even have a friend or family member that can trade vehicles with you for that one time a year or two other need you have.

If you have more than one vehicle be sure to include bicycles and mass transit options that you have. Many you could bicycle more and just have one vehicle. Maybe there is a new car sharing option in your area that you could check out.

In the past I have found that many people don't really look at their real needs until the price of gas /Diesel goes up. When the Oil embargo or a fuel supply gets cut off people become very inventive. They even walk or take the bus. It's not that hard when you really want to change so be sure to consider all your real choices and then decide like you money and life depend on it.

To help you decide on an electric vehicle once you know your REAL needs you can look at the great spread sheet at Inside EVs to see what might work for you. Used vehicles can be a great choice to keep the cost down too and it's like recycling to reuse a vehicle.

Ask friends who drive Electric Vehicles about their view of the car they have and ask what they would choose today. They might even give you a ride or let you drive their car to try it our. Turo and others rent Electrics so try one or two and see what you think. My favorite for just one person commuting is the Chevy SPARK EV. Or for a go any where vehicle the new Tesla model 3 is great.

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