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Being 1st is not always the best

Aug 23, 2017

Some companies have been 1st with Electric Vehicles but maybe not the best.Being the 1st doesn't mean your the best.

Electric vehicles have been around since the turn of the Century. The technology has really jumped ahead with the new advanced batteries. In fact they seem to be lasting much longer than predicted in most vehicles. But lets look at some 1st leaders and see how they are doing.

GM has the 1st Electric vehicle , the EV1 back in the 1990's It still used Lead acid batteries and was very aero dynamic. They used aluminum body . That made it very high cost and expensive to repair. They even had run flat tires. But in the end they and other were too far ahead to make a big seller.

Toyota did very good on their hybrid and did some testing with Lithium batteries but it has taken them over 10 years to get back into lithium and a few more to do 100% electric. Their early jump into hybrid seems to have them stuck there.

Many others did and still do compliance vehicles. They just can't let go of the old gas cash cows and Trucks and SUV's.

The most recent 1st is Nissan with the LEAF. They really did a great job but didn't and still don't think they need battery thermal control. They seem stuck on Wilting battery packs while others have lifetime batteries that never seem to fade at all. They have good 120 and 240 and even DC Fast charging. When new the battery is fine but in the heat it's very bad.

So is being 1st any guarantee of being the best ?

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