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1,2,3 Tesla owns the market now

Jul 10, 2017

Who really understands the complete Electric vehicle market ?

1,2,3 Tesla owns the market now.

Tesla S, Tesla X ,Tesla 3 why do we always keep talking about Tesla?

Why does every new Electric get compared to Tesla?

When will there be real competition for Tesla?

Since Tesla is the only company to build a Worldwide charging Network and it’s cars go the farthest on 1 charge and they charge over twice as fast as any other car made that is why they are the GOLD standard. Since they also made their own batteries and solar panels and system they are also the Holy Grail of Energy. They also have the most advanced Auto Pilot and Self Driving with many lives saved they are charging the lives of many people. That is why everyone gets compared to them.

When will another company build their own network and at least partner with a company that have Fast Chargers and a Network? Even if they started today it would take 1 to 5 years to even get close to the Tesla Super Charger Network. In the meantime Tesla will keep moving ahead.

Let me know who you think could be a real competition to Tesla.

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