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Real Freedom July 4th

Jul 02, 2017

what is the real meaning of the 4th of July for you?

What does FREEDOM mean to you on this 4th of July. I found this quote on line. QUOTE:

They wanted to be free, to make their own decisions, to govern themselves and breathe the sweet air of liberty.

For me it's freedom from the TONS of Pollution we don't get much say in. I run my home on only Solar Energy and make more that I use every month of the year. Last year I make 141% so I made 41% extra that helps the GRID and my utility.

I also drive only electric and manual vehicles. My wife and I ride bicycles quite often. We also both own electric vehicles. I drive like I care and get more miles per kWh 5 to 6 than most of the people we know. I never waste a watt clean or not so clean.

We also eat Vegan. That saves 10x the Energy and 100X the water of most diets. It's great for youe health and the earth. Many people have pets yet let animals suffer and be killed for the food. We care about all life and water.

So what will you do different in the next year or 2 or decade? Will it make a difference for you and the earth?<>P Will it free you from some of the problems and expenses in your life?

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